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SCV Sheriffs Pushing For Safe New Year

As the New Year approaches, the Santa Clarita Valley
Sheriff's Station is taking the time to remind all residents to celebrate
responsibly.  Here's a special message they released:


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Successful New Year's Eve celebrations begin with careful
planning and prudent judgment and any alcohol related event should include
arrangements for designated drivers or other safe alternative
accommodations.  A designated driver is an individual within a group of
people drinking alcoholic beverages at an event/establishment who remains sober
to drive the others home afterwards. 

"We can't stress enough the importance of celebrating
New Year's Eve without endangering yourself, loved ones, or others in the
community", said Captain Anthony La Berge.  "Make it a joyous
start to 2009, not a tragic one!"   


Every year during the holiday season, and particularly on
New Year's Eve, some individuals make poor choices such as drinking alcohol and
driving or firing bullets into the air in "celebration".  The
critical importance of avoiding either of these cannot be overstated, as they
can both have deadly results. 


Many times, individuals involved in celebrating New Year's
Eve with gunfire do not realize the dangers posed by their actions.  When
a bullet is fired into the air it will climb two miles, remain in flight for
more than a minute, and ultimately fall back to earth with enough velocity to
injure or kill someone.  At the very least, this method of celebration
could result in severe consequences from law enforcement officials and the
judicial system.   

In an effort to keep everyone safe and ensure we all have a
cheerful transition into 2009, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department will
be increasing patrols in many areas during the New Year's Eve holiday and will
be specifically looking for drunk drivers and those who choose to celebrate in
an unlawful manner.   

Don't Drink and Drive!  Remember, underage drinking is
against the law, but don't complicate matters by also driving.  Be aware
that the Santa Clarita Safe Rides is
a program independent of the Sheriff's Department that provides free, safe and
confidential rides home to teenagers who are not in a condition to drive or
want to avoid being a passenger with a dangerous driver.  On New Years Eve
or any Friday or Saturday night you can simply call (661) 259-6330. 
Although the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department does support the free
service, as it has undoubtedly helped save lives, we do not condone
underage/teenage drinking.  The fact is, since programs such as Safe Rides
and Every 15 Minutes have been in existence, D.U.I. related traffic collisions
and deaths involving teenage drivers have decreased remarkably in the Santa
Clarita Valley.  Drunk Driving: Over the Limit – Under Arrest!  Stay
Safe – Stay Sober – Stay Alive! 

By following a few precautionary holiday safety guidelines
and making responsible choices, we can all have the peaceful and uneventful
holiday experience we envision and deserve.  On behalf of all the staff at
your Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff's Station, Happy New Year! 

Read more about
D.U.I. from the National Transportation Safety Board Alert and statistics by
clicking here

SCV Sheriffs Pushing For Safe New Year

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