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SCV Wins Huge Court Case Against Pedophile

UPDATE: Jack McClellan found trying to fly to Chicago. He now legally cannot be within 10 yards of a minor child in the entire state of California

McClellanIn a major court victory this morning, Santa Clarita lawyers were successful getting a restraining order against confessed pedophile Jack McClellan in not only Santa Clarita, but in the entire state of California.


Jack McClellan did not show up for the 8:30am trial and his whereabouts are not currently known. He is said to be driving a 1993 Blue Ford escort with a Washington license plate that reads 915WEX.


McClellan has been outraging parents throughout Los Angeles as he openly admits to being attracted to little girls ages 3-11.


Since KHTS first ran coverage on Jack McClellan, over a month ago, a barrage of media interviews has made his face and name infamous.


A website hosted by McClellan lists and rates places around Los Angeles by the amount of little girls. While McClellan insists he has never broken the law, many in Santa Clarita immediately worked to find ways to prove that his behavior is indeed putting children at risk.


This law suit was a civil suit, filed by Santa Clarita lawyers Rick Patterson and Anthony Zinnanti. They quickly filed the case on Tuesday, and served McClellan verbally Tuesday night. The court case was heard this morning in front of a standing room only crowd of Santa Clarita residents. 


In the suit, Rick Patterson and Anthony Zinnanti were asking for a temporary restraining order to keep McClellan away from children. In order to get that, they had to prove that McClellan was posed a threat to the children. They drove this point home by providing evidence of Jack McClellan’s hallucinogenic drug use, his admission that he would have sex with a young girl if it was legal and consensual, and his statements regarding his plans to come back to Santa Clarita. 


That case ended today with a startling victory for the prosecution. A Restraining order was granted against McClellan, barring him from any contact with minor children not only in Santa Clarita, but in the entire state of California.


“This is one of those moments when you realize, that this is what you went to law school for,” said Rick Patterson, who led the fight against McClellan.


The order effectively bars McClellan from being within 10 yards of a minor child. It also stops him from taking photographs of children, talking to them, and many other actions that McClellan enjoys doing.  So strict was the order, that Patterson called it "the most restrictive order I've every seen." 


Rick Patterson went on-air with KHTS AM-1220 just moments after the case was finished, and you can hear his live interview by clicking here.    


Legally, Jack McClellan had to be personally served with the court documents in order for the restraining order to be effective.


UPDATE:  Since he did not show up to court, Rick Patterson's team began looking for him to complete the court's business.  He was eventually found some hours later, trying to board a plane to Chicago. 


One of the arguments was that McClellan acted as a “surrogate stalker”, providing resources and tools for other pedophiles to use. This is the angle currently being taken by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, Assemblywoman Sharon Runner and Senator George Runner in the California legislature. They are trying to bring about a change to the state penal code that would make such behavior illegal.

SCV Wins Huge Court Case Against Pedophile

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