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A Healthier Cheaper Floor Alternative

Are you tired of replacing peeled up linoleum, ripped up carpet or scuffed wood? Tile is a great, money saving solution. Tile is durable, stain resistant and keeps the house cool by not absorbing heat like carpet.

Cheryl Ingrassia, Owner of Southern California Tile, has tile throughout her home and says “it does keep the house cooler.” Considering it is the middle of summer and many are cranking up the air conditioning, this could definitely help save you money.

Tile is also great for those who have sensitivities to dust, allergies or asthma. Tile does not absorb dust and dander from pets, so it keeps your home fresh.

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Another hassle of carpets is that they stain easily while tile does not. With tile, you can just wipe away whatever mess there is and move on with your day. Now you do not have to spend hours scrubbing out that stain or buy expensive cleaning products to keep your house looking spotless.

There is one thing to consider before rushing out to get the perfect tile that adds an aspect of luxury to your home though. There are different strength ratings to tile, considering some are for walls and outdoors. Cheryl suggests that you know the strength of the specific tile you are looking at while shopping.

“If wall tile is put on a floor it will not hold up and lead to cracking,” Cheryl added. This can be a problem, so just make sure you know what kind of tile you are shopping for.

Southern California Tile has a knowledgeable staff that will help you pick out the perfect tile. You can stop by their location at 22424 13th Street Newhall, CA 91321 or call 661-255-2773 with any questions. Also, to check out their website click here.

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A Healthier Cheaper Floor Alternative

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