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Create A Vintage Table For Your Garden

Not only for flooring or walls, tile has many uses. Here is guide to create a tile tabletop that is great for patio or deck.800px-Winchester_Cathedral_09


You will need to have a small table with a recess for a glass top. If you do not, pick one up at a local gardening shop, garage sale, or donation center. You may be surprised by what you find.

Now you need to select your tile! Get creative, you can give your table the look you want whether it be rustic or romantic.

You will need a Masonite board to attach your tile to. Make sure it is cut to fit the dimensions of the table’s recess and sealed with a polyvinyl glue.

Lie out your tile design to check fit; if any pieces do not fit on the board you will need to cut them using a wet saw. Remember to place all tiles back on the board to double check fit if pieces needed to be cut.


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Working from the center out, remove tile piece by piece and spread liberal amounts of adhesive on the backs. Replace on board and continue until all the tile has been fastened to board.

Weigh your tabletop down with bricks or books. You must let your tabletop dry for 24 hours to let the adhesive properly set.

Remove the board and weights and grout your tile with a sanded grout; make sure to work it into the spaces.

Remove the excess grout from the tile faces with a rubber scraper. Use water to remove any remaining residue.

Fit the tiled top back in the base, and let it set for 48 hours before applying a sealer to the grout lines.

“There are many creative ways to use tile, I once had a customer who did a mosaic on her back wall. She had all kinds of animals portrayed on it,” Cheryl Ingrassia of Southern California Tile said.
Serving Santa Clarita for 34 years, Southern California Tile can answer all of your tiling and tile care questions.

For more information on Southern California Tile visit or call (661) 255-2773.

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Create A Vintage Table For Your Garden

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