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Create Rhythm In Your Home

Tami_Smight_HeadshotA guiding force for interior designers such as myself are the principles and elements of design.

All rules in design are meant to be broken, and often are for dramatic emphasis, but when used properly, the Interior Design Principle of rhythm is quite an effective design tool.

In today’s article, I share how this works.




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Multiple_lanternsI just loved my interior design education.  I draw from the knowledge I gained each and every day.  In interior design 101, a student will learn about the Principles of Design; Balance, Rhythm, Emphasis and Harmony.

The principle of Rhythm can be expressed through repetition of a theme, color, pattern or shape.  In this photo note the dramatic use of repetition in placing all the lanterns from the ceiling.

Yes, one lantern would be pretty… but see how that shape is repeated over and over to make a huge impact on the entrance to a Laguna Beach restaurant.  I enjoyed it so much, I had to take this photo to share with you.

In your home, consider repeating a shape, such as an arch in a doorway, or a color from one room to the next. By doing so, you lead the eye pleasantly from one space to the next and create a “rhythm” that just feels right to the brain.

Sometimes having a design “roadmap” by a professional is all you need to get your design project started. I offer flat rate design fees so you know exactly how much the design portion of the project will cost.  Please call me at (661) 430-0127

Tami Smight Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, has been gracing southern California homes with warm, accessible designs since 2004.

As a certified professional interior designer, Tami Smight shares expert design tips, tricks and trends in her column. Check out her articles in our SCV “Your Home Inside And Out” section.

Create Rhythm In Your Home

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