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Easy Solution To Hard Water Build Up

Lime_on_faucet_PicWho has time after a long day to take apart their appliances and tirelessly scrub away hard water build up?  Santa Clarita residents are all too familiar with hard water and its effects on virtually everything.

While soft water reduces your use of cleaning products and saves your plumbing, hard water only speeds up the erosion process.  Hard water has its own natural film and has a high concentration of dissolved minerals, magnesium and calcium.  The dissolved minerals leave white, brown and even green splotches over time.  

The appliances most affected are glass shower doors, tubs and faucets.  Even more disturbing is the fact that your dinnerware can collect those hard water deposits.  Hard water makes soap scum, film and lime deposits more difficult to remove and it inhibits shampoos and detergents from performing at an optimal level.  

If not cleaned on a regular basis, your plumbing and appliances can have build up and the steady flow of water will be restricted.  One inexpensive way to get rid of hard water build up is to pour a generous amount of white vinegar and lemon juice on the affected area and let it sit for about 30 minutes.  The natural high acidity of lemon juice and the antiseptic in vinegar will eat away the caked on magnesium and calcium.

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Another effective solution to use against unsightly build up is lime away.  

“Lime away takes care of the build up, just use a brush and scrub it,” said John Smith owner of Santa Clarita Molly Maid.  

To learn more on how to get rid of those stubborn hard water stains visit Santa Clarita Molly Maid at 18350 Soledad Canyon Rd. Santa Clarita, C.A 91387 or call (661) 298-1800  or visit their website by clicking here.  

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Easy Solution To Hard Water Build Up

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