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Money Saving Ways to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

Whole House Fan in AtticDuring summer some open the windows and turn on the fan while others close up the house and crank up the air conditioning. We have some helpful tips from Valencia Electric that can help keep you cool and save some green.

When it’s hot outside, we all want to feel the nice breeze from the ceiling fan, but did you know that there is a cooler way to run the fan?

All fans are built to rotate both counterclockwise and clockwise. When you have the fan set to feel the breeze, it is not necessarily keeping you cool. Reversing the fan will actually keep you and your house cooler.

Having the fan move in the opposite direction helps circulate hot air up and out of the house therefore lowering the temperature. You can reverse the fan with the flick of a switch or the press of a button depending on what type of fan you have.

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Information to change the rotation of the fan is on the box the fan came in. If you do not have the box, the button or switch is usually located on the base of the fan. Another way to keep your home cool would be to install an attic or whole house fan.

Attic fans make your home “10 to 15 percent cooler” says Mike Derderian, President of Valencia Electric. The fan cools your house by taking the heat that accumulates in the attic and circulates it outside. They also use less energy therefore saving you money.

The whole house fan is another kind of fan that can be located in a few rooms in the house or just in the attic. One of the highly recommended systems, Quiet Cool, is located in a few bedrooms and the attic. This kind of fan is usually installed in warmer rooms in the house. This system is generally run with the windows open in the morning when the air is cool outside. The fan takes hot air out of your living space and into the attic forcing cool, fresh air from outside to flow into your home.

These fans are affordable and can save you money. Visit Valencia Electric’s website to see special offers and other services they offer here. Or visit their convenient location at 28130 Avenue Crocker, Unit 324 – Valencia, Ca 91355.

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Money Saving Ways to Keep Your House Cool During Summer

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