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Privacy Please!

By Tami Smight

If you have a window in a bathroom or bedroom, which exposes your privacy to neighbors and passersby, do you need to cover the window with a drapery orTami Smight Interiors
shade? Not necessarily!
Want to know how to brighten a room and add privacy at the same time? Decorative window film is the perfect solution.
Consider a window over a bathtub. Covering the window will cut down on the natural light, considerably, whereas a decorative window film will allow filtered
light into the room, while lending a decorative opacity to the glass, affording complete privacy by day or night.
Designer window films can add a decorative element to any room. They create a beautiful etched appearance without the high cost normally associated with
sandblasting. The look is so similar to sandblasting, that experts even have to touch it to tell the difference.

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Privacy Please!

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