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Reduce Clutter Now!

TSI_headshotWould you like a way to reduce clutter, create storage and get organized in 2012?  You may feel a bit overwhelmed when tackling a cluttered drawer, closet or entire room.  My solution, create a plan and approach it one step at a time.






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Laundry_RoomA common complaint is feeling there is just too much, not knowing where to start, or procrastinating.   Professional orgaziners recommend the following tips.

1.  Survey the area you intend to organize and make a check list that can be attacked in stages.

2.  Write down goals that are achievable to finish the project, and create a reward for yourself when you are finished

3.  Inventory your items, what can go and what must stay.  Be brutally honest with yourself, to get the best results here.

4.  Write down a benefit for finishing this project such as “When my laundryroom is organized, I will actually enjoy doing laundry.”

5.  Maximize your energy, coordinate doing the work when you feel the most energy and are least likely get distracted.

After your space is organized, you may want some help with decorating. Tami Smight Interiors is here to help.  Please call today to discuss your project.  661 430-0127.

Tami Smight Interiors, a full-service interior design firm, has been gracing southern California homes with warm, accessible designs since 2004.

As a certified professional interior designer, Tami Smight shares expert design tips, tricks and trends in her column. Check out her articles in our SCV “Your Home Inside And Out” section.

Reduce Clutter Now!

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