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Reinvent Your Backyard With These Delicious Tips

Backyard_pic1With fall already here, it’s the perfect time to reinvent your backyard!! If you think turning your backyard into an amazing showpiece is too expensive or too difficult, think again! Just adding some small things can dramatically alter any average backyard!

Let’s start with some simple steps to improve the average backyard. In this article, were going to say the average backyard is 850 square feet with just a lawn and that’s our base.

Think of your backyard as an ice cream sundae. At the base is the vanilla ice cream, good but just there as an anchor. Then you add the chocolate and strawberry ice cream, adding more flavor and depth. Then comes the chocolate drizzle, giving the sundae enough to make it delicious and beautiful. But, once you start adding more then that, it loses its great flavor and gets to cluttered.

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One of the oldest tricks in the book, yet it is one of the best, is to add flora (flowers and plants) to your backyard. Adding some California native flora to the corners of the backyard and in various spots add color and character too any backyard and as an added bonus, they save water consumption.

In addition, landscaping planting beds into the backyard and placing the flora into them just makes your backyard that much better.

To take it one step further, adding accent lighting throughout the backyard gives it more depth and flavor. There are tons of different options when it comes to the style and price of lights.

“When brainstorming for ideas on which type of lighting fixtures to choose and how best to implement them, it’s important to seriously consider your particular lifestyle and how you plan to use your yard, deck, patio, pool area and/or garden,” said Mike Derderian, President of Valencia Electric”

When it comes to powering these lights, low voltage transformers are the way to go.

“Nowadays, Low-voltage technology is used in the majority of residential exterior lighting systems. Transformers are used to reduce the home’s voltage from a standard of 120 volts down to 12 volts – which is a much safer, no-shock level. These transformers are typically plugged into an outlet on the outside of the home… At any point, individual light fixtures can be clipped, which enables many flexible design options.” Derderian said.

If you want to accent certain areas in different contrasts of brightness, control banks allow you to do that.

“[They] enable different areas of the yard to be lit independently of each other. For example, you may want to cast a brighter light on a particular architectural object or tree than the light that shines on rest of the yard or garden. Or you may want a light to shine brighter over the grill on the deck or outdoor kitchen, while maintaining softer outdoor patio lighting for other gathering areas.” Derderian said.

To achieve any effect you are looking for, there really are only 4 main types of outdoor lighting to employ. These include:

(a) Moonlighting – This type of lighting employs a mix of both uplighting and downlighting. By mounting fixtures at various heights in trees, a natural light is evoked – reminiscent of natural moonlight.

(b) Zone Lighting – This outdoor lighting idea is one in which individual objects, plants or trees or highlighted.

(c) Uplighting – The aim of this landscape lighting idea is to create a sense of drama by aiming light fixtures upward, which accentuates the object being lit.

(d) Downlighting – This type of outside lighting is used mainly as a security measure to illuminate pathways and general area lighting.

With that said, here are seven useful outdoor lighting tips that should help you decide which outside lighting ideas will best serve your purposes:

(1) Have a firm idea in mind of what you actually want. The Internet is great place to begin your research. With so many illumination ranges and light fixture styles available today, it’s best to narrow these choices down before you do any shopping or consult with a professional.

(2) Aim for light fixtures that are unobtrusive and have a natural appearance. In other words, shoot for fixtures that display a refined styling (e.g. soft bronzes).

(3) Do your best to conceal light fixtures during the day. Plants and rocks are particularly useful in this regard.

(4) To make lighting flexible and adjustable, wrap coils of wire around individual light fixtures.

(5) As a general rule of thumb, space outdoor path lights five to eight feet apart.

(6) Locate a focal point (statue, tree, or path) to highlight.

(7) Protect animals from chewing on wires by burying the wires into the ground.

(8) Make sure the lighting is balanced throughout the yard. You want to make certain both the left and right sides of the house and yard are lit to achieve optimum lighting balance.

(9) If you wish to place a lighting fixture where no planting bed exists, create one specifically designed with the light fixtures in mind.

With these steps, hopefully you can make your perfect sundae of a backyard!

For more information on how to decorate your backyard visit Valencia Electric 28130 Ave Crocker, Unit 324 Valencia, CA 91355 or call (661) 702-8558

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Reinvent Your Backyard With These Delicious Tips

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