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Save On Your Electricity Bill With These Simple Steps

Whether you are looking to save money short term or long term on your electricity bill here are some simple tips to save on electricity either by unplugging devices or replacing them. 412px-CompactFluorescentLightBulb

You can easily unplug your kitchen appliances like microwave, coffeemaker, toaster etc. Also unplug electronics such as your phone charger when not in use. Exercise equipment such as treadmills or elliptical machines can use a lot of energy when stationary so unplug them as well.

Replace regular light bulbs with LED or Compact Florescent lights and save while getting more life out of your new light bulbs.

Replacing old appliances with energy efficient appliances will save you money long term. When shopping for household appliances, look for the Energy Star label. Buying products that meet Energy Star’s criteria can save consumers up to 30%, or $400 a year, according to the EPA.

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Leaving appliances like these plugged in it creates the electricity to continually run through the wires. Standby energy use accounts for 5% to 10% of all home energy consumption and costs the average household $125 a year.

“The biggest thing the consumer can do is monitor energy usage. We can come out and do an energy audit of a customer’s home to determine usage and make recommendations for conserving energy. The easiest thing for consumers would be to change incandescent lights with compact florescent lights.” Judd Boykin of Valencia Electric said.

According to Boykin Southern California Edison also offers summer savings with their Summer Discount Plan. With this plan, Edison will install a small remote-controlled device on your home near your central air conditioner or on the outside of your central air conditioner. If necessary, they can turn off or cycle your air conditioner’s compressor during an energy emergency. You can receive a credit up to $200 if you sign up for this plan.

Since 2004 Valencia Electric has been serving the Santa Clarita Valley and offers a range of services including whole house surge protection at a reasonable cost.

For more information on Valencia Electric, visit or call (661) 702-0909.

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Save On Your Electricity Bill With These Simple Steps

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