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Selecting Plants That Bunnies Won’t Nibble

bunnyLiving in Santa Clarita, you may have noticed that wildlife has adapted to suburban life. Rabbits are everywhere! While you may love your fluffy friends now, after a couple days of snacking on your precious plants they won’t be welcome anymore.

Combat their bunny cravings by selecting plants they won’t nibble on:

Anise hyssop is a great choice, it has spikes of violet-blue flowers form midsummer to fall. The plant gives off an anise scent, hence deterring your furry friends.

Baptisia is one of the hardier rabbit-resistant plants and has spikes of violet, blue, yellow and white. It is a heat and drought resistant plant.


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Foxglove is a common garden favorite and produces numerous colors such as pink, rose, white, and yellow. It is poisonous so wildlife tends to stay away from the plant.

Hellebore is a great shade plant and can produce black, red, pink, white, cream or green flowers.

Salvia has a whole range of garden variety and most are rabbit resistant. The blooms range from bright red to shades of purple and blue.

“Rabbits will practically eat anything, however deer are often deterred by lavender and boxwood,” Matt Huey of Sunset Nursery said.

Sunset Nursery carries a variety of plants in addition to offering maintenance and installation services. Contact them at 661-255-8777 or pay them a visit at 23256 Lyons Avenue.

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Selecting Plants That Bunnies Won’t Nibble

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