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Staying Cool While Saving Energy With These Window Treatments

Interior-Shutters_Pic1_copyEven though the fall season is well underway, the weather doesn’t seem to want to follow in its footsteps. The leaves are beginning to change color and the days are getting shorter, but the consistent hot days and warm nights make it difficult to adjust.

Not only is it a challenge to keep yourself cool during these hot days, but it can be even more difficult to keep your home cool while saving energy and money. You could always leave a window open for ventilation, but the warm air would do nothing to keep your home cool. Even if you were to leave a small fan running, it would only slightly cool down a small area and hike up your electricity bill. One solution that is sure to save energy and money, are blinds.

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Most window blinds save energy by acting as a reflective barrier. They reflect summer sunlight back outside before it has a chance to heat up objects in your home, like couches and tables.  Standard window blinds can reduce heat gain by up to 45%. In contrast, cellular shades are great energy savers in the winter because when open, the air pockets act as insulation. Honeycomb blinds can come in single or double honeycomb. The double honeycomb provides a higher R-value.

Whether you want to keep your home cool in the summer or warm in the winter, having window treatments is essential for any season to save energy and money.

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Staying Cool While Saving Energy With These Window Treatments

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