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The Dos And Dont’s Of Packing Your Valuable Artwork

Moving_Pic_2_copy_copyMost of us do not enjoy packing, especially if you have many large and precious items. No one likes their household goods to be damaged en route due to poor packing. It is critical to the success of the move that the contents of your home be packed properly. In terms of your priceless artwork, it is imperative that you know how to safely pack and move it.

When packing and moving valuable artwork, it is important to spend the time and effort planning the proper techniques to pack and transport the items. There should be special consideration and dos and don’ts for packing and shipping valuable art. Always consult an art conservator or packing service before shipping. You should only package valuables that are in good condition. More damage is likely to occur to an item that is already weakening.

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Do anticipate that the item could experience different humidity and environment changes. Line the box or crate with insulation paper, polyethylene or bubble wrap around the box. This will create a moisture and thermal barrier. When using boxes to pack use soft pillows between smaller pieces of artwork or valuables. This will reduce the possibility of the objects hitting each other. Last but certainly not least, label the content of each box or package to reduce confusion and to keep your valuables and artwork from other house hold goods.

Do not use any packing materials that contain acid, because certain acids could drastically change the valuable the valuable object. Do not use staples or nails when securing a box or create. Also, try not to pack your valuable artwork in a basement or in a dirty or dusty environment. Do not rely on man power to lift heavy objects, use trolleys and or cushions. In addition, don’t allow packing tape to touch the artwork’s frame or art. This will damage it indefinitely.

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The Dos And Dont’s Of Packing Your Valuable Artwork

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