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Senator Runner Throws Hat In Tax Board Ring For 2010

Senator plans to make a run for Equalization seat in 2010 election, is prepared to leave Senate early to keep taxes down.

George Runner is looking for a way to make good his promise to keep taxes down
for California residents, even if
he has to leave the state legislature early to do it.

has announced that he is a candidate for District 2 of the California Board of
Equalization, one of four elected offices within the agency that controls

in my last term of the Senate and have served all the time I can in the
legislature,” Runner said, via phone from Sacramento.
“The Board of Equalization is the tax board where California
appeals tax issues and there is a vacant seat in 2010. For me, it’s a natural
progression for fair tax issues.”

no secret that Runner is an advocate for the taxpayer, rallying against tax
increases and leading the charge to oust Senate Republican leader Dave Cogdill
during a five-day standoff between Democrats and Republicans over the governor’s
$42 billion rescue plan, which passed Thursday.

Board of Equalization is an appeals board for folks who feel they have been
unfairly treated and a place that interprets tax policy,” he said. “It’s also a
good place for people who are looking to protect taxpayers, instead of just
being a fundraising arm for the government.”

on a map of California, District
2 seems to take up a majority of the real estate of California,
stretching from San Bernardino County
to the Oregon border and
including 33 counties (it includes parts of Santa Barbara,
Ventura and Los
Angeles). Runner said it represents a quarter of the
state’s population.

important that people have a tax advocate on the board fighting for taxpayers
and a fair shake,” he continued.

he is successful, Runner will cut short his time in the Senate to move over to
the Board of Equalization, and a special election will be held in 2011 to elect
his replacement. If he loses the election, he will continue to serve until he
is termed out in 2012.

the meantime, he is dedicating himself to some election reform and making
changes to protect the votes of service personnel.

are working on an initiative requiring voters to show picture ID at the polls,”
he explained. “We’re submitting language to the Attorney General now and we’ll
start getting signatures in June.”

also working on closing the loophole in election law that allows convicted
felons on probation to vote, while excluding felons on parole. Runner feels
that anyone who is required to live supervised should not be allowed to vote.

they’ve served their time and paid their debt to society, then they can get
that privilege back,” he said.

service personnel deployed outside the U.S.,
Runner would like California to
follow the lead of 19 other states, which allows 21 days for ballots from
troops overseas to arrive and be counted.

Senator Runner Throws Hat In Tax Board Ring For 2010

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