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Sexual Assault Suspect Caught

Illegal alien believed to be responsible for two sexual assaults and four burglaries has been arrested

Adrian Ariano

A major victory for Santa Clarita Sheriff’s personnel, as a suspect has been arrested in 4 burglary and two sexual assault cases.

Dating back to January, the crimes were believed to be linked. Three previous cases each involved a male Hispanic breaking into a home in a Canyon Country area, and then attempting to sexually assault a woman in the house. In two cases, a sexual assault did occur. In the third, the man was fought off and fled when the victim began to scream loudly. In all cases, the suspect gained entry through an open window or unlocked door.

The case took a major turn on Monday when Deputies were alerted to another break in, this time in Newhall. In this case, the victim was able to provide Deputies with a specific description of the perpetrator, and a containment was established at the site.

ImageResponding Deputy Stephanie Shrout was able to spot suspect Adrian Ariano in the area and detain him. As detectives were interviewing Ariano, they report that he provided information about the other crimes that was not public knowledge. This, coupled with his similar appearance to the sexual assault composite sketch and the similar circumstances of Monday’s crime led Sheriff’s officials to be confident that Ariano is the man they’ve been looking for.

A DNA sample was taken from Ariano and Santa Clarita Sheriff’s officials have requested that the sample be expedited for testing. Evidence from the first two crimes has proved a conclusive link, however this new DNA test could help establish firm scientific connections to the other two. 

Captain Anthony LaBerge stated that Ariano will be charged with four counts of burglary and two counts of sexual assault.

Captain LaBerge also reported that Ariano is believed to be an illegal alien, and has been deported at least twice before.

In a twist, one of the victims, who had previously criticized Sheriff’s officials for not releasing the composite drawing of the suspect sooner, made a public apology. Sheriff’s had maintained that they were using the suspect’s drawing internally, and thought that an immediate release would compromise their investigation. The drawing was eventually released. “I want to publicly apologize to Detective Gill, I didn’t understand the inner workings of the Sheriff’s department and I was very insulted that the picture didn’t come out….and now I understand all the reasons why,” said the third victim. “Thank you to the Sheriff’s Department, I…I love you.”

The other two victims were also on hand to offer their gratitude to the Sheriff’s Department. “These guys are amazing, and I just want to thank them from the bottom of my heart,” said another victim.

Three victims next to Detective Jon Gill

But they weren’t the only ones thanking the Sheriff’s.

“The City is very proud of the work of our Sheriff’s Department and was very pleased to hear that they arrested this person who seems to have committed very heinous crimes in the city of Santa Clarita,” commented City Manager Ken Pulskamp.

For the Sheriff’s it was all in a days work. Captain La Berge told reporters that everyone working the early morning shifts wanted to catch the man responsible for these crimes, which were all committed on that particular shift. “We all wanted this guy,” said Deputy Stephanie Shrout. “You want to take care of your community that you work in, and I live in…so it had a special meaning for me to go out there and find this guy, but it was a group effort, it wasn’t just me. I’m just proud to be a part of the Sheriff’s Department, proud to be a part of this team.”



It is also important to note that this suspect is not considered to be the same suspect who allegedly attacked a Hart High student in Newhall last week. Click here for more details on that suspect, who is still at large.



Nicole Ryan also contributed to this story 


Each victim offered an emotional thank you to Sheriff’s personell
Captain LaBerge talks to reporters
Responding Deputy Stephanie Shrout, who caught Ariano
The composite drawing of the suspect





Sexual Assault Suspect Caught

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