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Sharon Runner’s Child Pornography Legislation Passes First Committee

Sacramento – Assemblywoman Sharon Runner’s (R-Lancaster) legislation to include commercial computer technicians as mandatory reporters of child pornography passed through the Assembly Public Safety Committee today.
“This is a big victory,” Runner said.  “Our legislators are becoming more aware of the issues relating to sex offenders and they are finally doing something about it.”
The bill, AB 2304, will include commercial computer technicians as reporters of child pornography.  With the proliferation of the Internet and computer technology, child predators are using their computers to store, trade and accumulate collections of child pornography.  Many other states are now taking action to modernize antiquated statutes in order to address to the newest technology available.  Digital cameras are becoming more prevalent than standard film cameras and the storage and development of digital pictures happens on computers rather than in photo-processing shops.  AB 2304 updates statute to match the rapid changes in technology.   
AB 2304 focuses on expanding the pool of possible reporters of this egregious act because every piece of child pornography is one child that has been violated and abused.  The bill creates a broader scope of tools for investigation of this heinous crime and bringing awareness to the tech community about this issue to urge them to protect children where they can. 
“This is a no-brainer,” Runner stated.  “We are simply updating our laws to keep up with changing technology. Child predators are using the best technology to victimize our children and the law needs to keep pace. I am glad the Public Safety Committee joined me today in passing common sense legislation.”

Sharon Runner’s Child Pornography Legislation Passes First Committee

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