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Skaters And City Reach Agreement For Skate Park

Remedy found as both groups have a meeting of the minds.
One potential firework has been defused. Santa Clarita skateboarders who were upset over the proposed temporary closing of the City’s only skate park have found a reasonable solution.


The City had announced one month ago that the existing skate park at the Santa Clarita Activities Center would have to be closed for a period of four months while a new, much larger skate park was built.


Local skaters pleaded with the Council to keep the existing park open during the new park’s construction because there are virtually no other places in the City where skate boarding is allowed. But keeping the park open would have caused delays in the project’s completion of nearly one year, and it would have cost the City an estimated $1 million dollars.


Eventually, the Council directed staff to hold a meeting with the skating community to explain the construction process for the project and to brainstorm a temporary solution.


The meeting was held March 19th, and it went very well according to City staff and two skaters in attendance.  Information was clarified, and City staff proposed a plan to work with the skating community to provide a temporary skate park with above-ground equipment. That proved to be a mutually agreeable solution for both parties.


And it could work out better in the long run too. Parks Director Rick Gould told the Council that the above-ground equipment could not be used in the new skate park. So, if it is purchased, it might be able to be used for other community events or a mobile skate park once it is no longer needed by the temporary park.


Otherwise, it may also be possible to lease the equipment, which would lessen the cost.


Either way, the Council approved an action that starts the new park’s construction and lets City staff spend up to $150,000 setting up a temporary skate park.


Several locations for the temporary park are being considered, but thus far none have been chosen.


Another group of residents showed up to Tuesday's Council meeting to object to a recently suspended Materials Recovery Facility project. Find out why that puts the City in an odd position by clicking here.    

Skaters And City Reach Agreement For Skate Park

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