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Smyth And Schwarzenegger Team Up To Fight Pedophiles

Smyth’s bill to get Governor’s helping hand

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth has won a major ally in the fight to end the actions of pedophiles.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed on to back the Smyth authored Assembly Bill 534, otherwise known as the “Surrogate Stalker Act.” The legislation is joint-authored by Assemblymembers Todd Spitzer and Sharon Runner.

The bill was introduced under emergency proceedings and the Governor has pledged his commitment to work to get the bill passed.

"My single greatest priority as governor is to protect the safety and well-being of all Californians, particularly our smallest, most vulnerable residents – our children.  Sexually violent predators pose a serious threat to public safety and we must take every necessary step to eliminate that threat," Governor Schwarzenegger said in a statement. "This legislation closes a loophole that allows individuals to post information that enables predators to stalk and harm children."

The loophole is a change to the penal code that makes it a crime to knowingly and willingly provide resources for stalkers.

This need was made evident in the recent media coverage of confessed pedophile Jack McClellan, who hosted a website with pictures of young girls, and ratings of good places to watch them.

While many felt McClellan’s behavior was reprehensible, the fact was that he never broke any law…until now. Should the “Surrogate Stalker Act” pass, such actions would be against the law.

Image“I am looking forward to working together with the Governor and his staff on this issue,” Smyth said.  “As fathers, we both understand the importance of keeping our communities safe for our children.”

A few weeks ago, Jack McClellan was slapped with a temporary restraining order that barred him from being within 30 feet of any minor child throughout the state. He was arrested shortly thereafter for violating the restraining order, but was released and the charges against him were dropped because the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office felt that the temporary restraining order had faults that could hurt their case.

One week ago, a judge made permanent the restraining order, and McClellan has stated that he plans on leaving California.

But McClellan is neither the first nor the last pedophile stalker to roam free in California, and so Smyth’s legislation, if passed, would give law enforcement agencies a valuable tool in bringing stalkers to justice.

Smyth And Schwarzenegger Team Up To Fight Pedophiles

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