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Smyth Appointed Vice Chair of Environmental Safety

Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, today announced that he has been named Vice-Chair of the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials Committee for the 2007-08 legislative session.
“Protecting the public health of Californians and our state’s diverse environment is an extremely complex subject area, and as a newly elected Assemblyman I am honored to be chosen as the Vice Chair of this important committee,” Smyth said.  “This position provides me the opportunity to positively influence many of California’s most pressing environmental issues, as well as monitor sensitive environmental projects in my District like the cleanup of the Witaker-Bermite property in Santa Clarita and Rocketdyne in Venture County.”

Smyth continued, “I do not believe the desire for a clean environment and robust economic growth are mutually exclusive ideas, but Sacramento has treated them as such for far too long, resulting in the loss of numerous businesses and thousands of jobs annually.  As Vice Chair, I will direct the committee towards scientifically sound policies that promote a healthy environment and a strong economy and oppose those that needlessly burden the business community and drive our workforce to other states.”

The Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxics Committee primarily focus on issues pertaining to toxic substances and hazardous materials, hazardous waste regulation, drinking water regulation, and pesticides (processed food safety and public health protection).


Smyth Appointed Vice Chair of Environmental Safety

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