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Smyth’s Surrogate Stalker Bill Headed For Governor’s Desk

Bill passes through Assembly, awaits Governor's signature.


Assembly Bill 534, authored by Assemblyman Cameron Smyth, R-Santa Clarita, recently passed out of the State Assembly.  This bill, which is known as the “Surrogate Stalker Act” is in an attempt to stop pedophiles and surrogate stalkers such as Jack McClellan. 



“I am very happy that this bill has received such overwhelming bi-partisan support throughout the legislative process,” said Smyth.  “I look forward to the Governor signing  this bill so that our children can grow up in a society in which they can go to parks and amusement centers without the worry of being victimized by sexual predators.”


“This bill began as a grass roots effort by members of the community who were outraged by the fact that this predator was freely roaming around our neighborhoods and putting innocent children in danger.  This is a perfect example of what a community can do when they work together for the greater good,” said Smyth.  “I am proud to be a part of such a responsible measure.”


McClellan, a self proclaimed pedophile, had been in and around the Southern California area researching places where children congregate, and then posting descriptions of specific children at these places, on his website, for other pedophiles to use as a resource.


AB 534 would make it a misdemeanor to engage in surrogate stalking, which is the act of publishing photos, physical descriptions, and/or locations of children with the intent that another person uses that information to commit a crime against a child

Smyth’s Surrogate Stalker Bill Headed For Governor’s Desk

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