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Soft Water Renters Get A Break

AES Alternative Environmental Solutions offers Santa Clarita residents a long term relationship and doesn’t ask for the key.

With the recent launching of the AES ScaleStopper™, a certified alternative to water softeners and portable exchange tank rentals, Alternative Environmental Solutions provides renters of water softener equipment a green alternative to water treatment with “no strings or salt attached.”

Typically, in order to treat water hardness (a combination of dissolved calcium and magnesium) in household water, homeowners have used either a salt-using water softener or subscribed to a canister exchange rental program. With the former being illegal in Santa Clarita since March of 2003 and the latter requiring monthly or even weekly exchange visits to the home, AES has developed a practical alternative for water quality minded residents. The AES ScaleStopper™ has been third-party verified for water hardness scale prevention and does not use any salt in the process. What’s more, the innovative system provides great tasting filtered water from every faucet in the home and business.

“The AES ScaleStopper™ is a great choice for residents who do not want service personnel regularly visiting a home or garage for an indefinite period of time,” said Carlos Mireles, Operations Manager CWS V, Alternative Environmental Solutions. “The technology has been successfully utilized in Europe for the last eight years and has been used throughout the US in major hotel chains such as the Embassy Suites and the Hilton Hotel, for the last three years. The AES ScaleStopper™ is a breakthrough home appliance which causes hardness minerals to crystallize and flow harmlessly down the drain, rather than create scale deposits on your dishes, skin, and appliances.”

In the wake of the newly released water softener rebate program offered by the Los Angeles County Sanitation District, the AES ScaleStopper™ is well-suited for residents who can potentially earn money-back on their softener investment without forfeiting the soft water benefits. The Sanitation District is offering water softener users up to a $2000 rebate for removing their salt-using softener. City residents can access the rebate program by visiting The AES ScaleStopper™ is listed on the District’s website as an alternative to water softeners.

“For those residents who rent soft water equipment such as portable exchange tanks or other rental equipment, the ScaleStopper™ makes financial sense,” said President of AES Mark Howlett and Past President of the Pacific Water Quality Association. “The typical family in Santa Clarita may spend up to $60.00 per month for soft water service not counting potential rate increases. The AES ScaleStopper™ has a relatively quick payback if a resident chooses to stop their rental tank or water softener service, and we don’t ask for a copy of your house or garage key in the process.” The System is backed by a 30-day money back performance guarantee. 

Alternative Environmental Solutions operates in full compliance with the Water Quality and Pacific Water Quality Association and is a member of the Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau. For more information on The AES ScaleStopper™, please call 1-661-510-8701, visit AES on the web at , or email

About Alternative Environmental Solutions:

AES Alternative Environmental Solutions™ invites consumers to join our mission of preserving the environment for future generations. In today’s marketplace there are many choices for a consumer, AES chooses clean, environmentally-friendly solutions for water treatment, and we invite consumers to do the same. With over forty-five years of combined experience, the AES team specializes in Water Treatment, Specialty Filtration Systems, and Air Purification for the home and office.

Soft Water Renters Get A Break

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