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“Star Trek” Boldly Goes Where No “Star Trek” Movie Has Gone Before…

I am not a trekkie. In fact, I long considered myself an anti-trekkie.

I grew up hating “Star Trek” (in favor of the highly superior “Star Wars”), and yet I feel as though I have to give myself the Vulcan Nerve Pinch and admit that this new rendition of “Star Trek” is (gulp) awesome. I credit director J.J. Abrams (“Mission Impossible 3”, “Alias”, “Lost”) for finally making a “Star Trek” film that non-trekkies like myself can enjoy.

This new “Star Trek” film begins by taking us to the birth of James T. Kirk, whose father sacrifices himself to save infant Kirk and the rest of the USS Kelvin after they are attacked by Romulan Captain Nero played with intensity and charisma by Eric Bana (“Troy”, “Hulk”).

Flash forward to a young Kirk played with a cocky swagger by Chris Pine (“Smokin Aces”). Kirk is highly intelligent though rebellious and after a bar fight involving several Star Fleet members including Communications Expert Uhura played by Zoe Saldana (“Vantage Point”), he is recruited to join Star Fleet by Captain Pike played by Bruce Greenwood (“I-Robot”).

Also the audience learns the origins of Commander Spock, played brilliantly by Zachary Quinto (“Heroes”), who rejects entry to the coveted Vulcan Academy of Science in favor of joining Star Fleet. Being a Vulcan, Spock has to suppress all emotion, though at times some aggression and heart manages to escape through those pointy ears.

The plot kicks in when Kirk is a stowaway on the newly created SS Enterprise and they must answer a distress call when Nero sets off on a journey to destroy every planet in his path.

While the film contains some mind-blowing action, it also manages to be hilarious, with Kirk’s arrogance and great one-liners to Simon Pegg’s (“Shaun of the Dead”, “Hot Fuzz”) Scottie, who shows up late in the film yet has the audience laughing from his first scene. There are also some surprises for loyal Trekkies that I would just feel awful for ruining.

I was impressed with this film and recommend everyone go warp speed to see it. I never thought in my life that I would ever praise anything “Star Trek” but this film clearly earns any positive feedback it receives and I expect word of mouth to make “Star Trek” live long and prosper at the box office (until “Terminator: Salvation” comes out at least).

Thank you for reading and putting up with the “Star Trek” puns. Tune in next week as I battle “Angles and Demons” with Tom Hanks and Ron Howard.

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“Star Trek” Boldly Goes Where No “Star Trek” Movie Has Gone Before…

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