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Street Art Festival Attracts Crowds Despite Heat

Visual and performing arts light up Old Town Newhall over the weekend.

The downtown Newhall Arts District was ablaze with color –
along with soaring temperatures – over the weekend, but that didn’t keep
artists and their fans from coming out to enjoy the fourth annual Santa Clarita
Street Art Festival.


Artist Hayley Aronson shows off her original

The streets filled up with the curious and serious art
students who watched dozens of artists add bright hues to the slurry surface of
Main Street between 8th
and 9th Streets. Subjects ranged from fantasy to Renaissance to
cartoons and chalk renderings of photographs, such as one of the later
President John F. Kennedy.

Former President John Kennedy was the subject for one artist


Entertainers worked stages at the 6th, Market and
8th Street
intersections, offering world music, local high school and dance studio
performances and eclectic groups, such as barbershop quartets and acoustical

A group back by popular demand was CanUnDrum, a trio of
young men who play plastic construction and storage tubs, trash can lids and
toilet plungers with PVC pipe sticks, creating an infectious beat that people
could be seen bouncing to blocks away.

Some people brought their dogs to help them shop


Different blocks hosted a variety of activities; the pop art
block near Lyons Avenue was
where hot dog fans could find the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile and the
MicePaceMaze, a virtual mouse maze where participants moved along the “maze” –
actually an open area of pavement – by hearing music or snarling cats through
headphones they were wearing.

Detail of a tiger rendition on the street.

Local artists displayed their wares and artists of all ages
had several opportunities to get their hands dirty creating spin art or
contributing to a block-large chalk “world” where children were encouraged to
add their special images.

From paper to pavement

As quickly as it was created, the street art disappeared
Sunday night after the crowds disbursed, just in time for the light rain that
drizzled over Newhall as final cleanup was done Monday morning.

“Mice” maze runners do the cheese victory dance

Students from Rosedell Elementary created this!


West African dancers bring children on stage to gyrate to drum sounds

The hot pavement was challenging, but the end results were brilliant



Street Art Festival Attracts Crowds Despite Heat

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