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Home » Santa Clarita News » The Chauncey Awards For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

The Chauncey Awards For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

trophy_300By Chauncey Telese

Welcome to my first (and hopefully not only) awards piece where I (in conjunction with my friends) will honor the best and worst in film, television, music, sports, and the internet. I’ll avoid a long preamble and just let the categories speak for themselves. So let’s get to it and go to the awards that were handed out at pre-taped ceremony.

Best Internet Podcast: The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons but in a close second The Adam Carolla Podcast.

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Most Annoying Song: “The Dog Days Are Over” Florence + the Machine. All year I figured that this award would clearly go to “Baby” by Justin Bieber but I think at some point I promised my friend Andrew’s girlfriend Sina that I’d lay off the Biebs. Plus, to be fair to that little Canadian kid, Florence + the Machine managed to turn out a song that is god awful on its own but managed to ruin what was otherwise a good episode of “Glee.”

Best/Worst movie to watch in “enhanced” 3D: “Alice in Wonderland”: I have to tiptoe around this one but basically while “Alice in Wonderland” was an awful movie certain people I know have told me that it does serve a purpose. Apparently it looks great when the air is just right. “Tron Legacy” by the way was a close second with “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” coming third.

The L.A. Fitness Award for song that should only be listened to at the gym: “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. While I loathe Lady Gaga, I must admit that this song does its job. If we need to include songs that came out in 2010 I guess I’d have to give the award to Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream”.

The Blockbuster Video Award for Best Rental: “Broken Lizard’s The Slammin Salmon”. This movie never made it to theaters, which is a bummer because my friends and I can quote “Super Trooper” and “Beerfest” like it was nothing. Their latest effort is comedic anarchy that reaches an almost “Anchorman”-like level.

Alright, now onto the awards handed out at our live ceremony.

The George Carlin Award for Excellence in Stand-up Comedy

  • Patton Oswalt: “My Weakness is Strong”
  • Nick Swardson: “Seriously, Who Farted?”
  • Ricky Gervais: “Out of England 2”
  • Kathleen Madigan: “Gone Madigan”
  • Louis CK: “Hilarious”

The Winner is: Patton Oswalt

The Bryan Dubar Award for Unintentional Comedy

The Winner is: Jets CB Antonio Cromartie

The Robert Downey Jr. Comeback Player of the Year Award

  • Eminem
  • Michael Vick
  • Michael Keaton

The Winner is: Eminem

The Tatum O’Neal Award for Adult Grade Child Performance

  • Chole Grace Moretz: “Kick Ass” and “Let Me In”
  • Hailee Stanfield: “True Grit”
  • Elle Fanning: “Somewhere”
  • Mia Wasikowska: “The Kids Are Alright”
  • Kiernan Shipka: “Mad Men”

The Winner is: Hailee Stanfield

The Mel Gibson Award for Career Downward Spiral

  • Mel Gibson
  • Lindsey Lohan
  • Christina Aguilera
  • Jesse James
  • Megan Fox

The Winner is: Mel Gibson

The I Didn’t Know They Had It In Them Award

  • Blake Lively: “The Town”
  • Ben Stiller: “Greenberg”
  • Mila Kunis: “Black Swan”
  • Amy Adams: “The Fighter”
  • Michael Vick: 2010 Philadelphia Eagles

The Winner is: Blake Lively

The Lucy and Ricky Award for Best Television Couple

  • April and Andy: “Parks and Recreation” Season 2
  • Dexter and Lumen: “Dexter” Season 5
  • Nucky and Margaret: “Boardwalk Empire” Season 1
  • Mitch and Cam: “Modern Family” Season 2
  • Bill and Sookie: “True Blood” Season 3

The Winner is: Nucky and Margaret

Best Guest Star

  • Gwenyth Paltrow: “Glee”
  • Paul Giamatti: “30 Rock”
  • Julia Stiles: “Dexter”
  • Betty White: “Community”
  • Denis O’Hare: “True Blood” Season 3

The Winner is: Denis O’Hare

Most Underrated Show

  • “Eastbound and Down”
  • “Parenthood”
  • “Louie”
  • “Parks and Recreation”
  • “Treme”

The Winner is: “Parenthood”

The Saturday Night Live Awards

Digital Short of the Year

  • “The Curse” (with Jon Hamm)
  • “Golden Girls Theme” (with Betty White)
  • “James Cameron’s Laser Cats” (with James Cameron and Sigourney Weaver)
  • “Shy Ronnie and Clyde” (with Rihanna)
  • “Flags of the World”
  • The Winner is: “The Curse”

SNL Best Musical Guest

  • Vampire Weekend
  • Dave Matthews Band
  • Arcade Fire
  • Bruno Mars
  • Paul McCartney

The Winner is: Vampire Weekend

SNL Best Performance by a Musical Guest in a Sketch

  • Katy Perry
  • Paul McCartney
  • Michael Buble
  • Dave Mattews
  • Jennifer Lopez

The Winner is: Michael Buble

SNL Steve Martin Award for Best Host

  • Jon Hamm
  • Zach Galifinakis
  • Scarlet Johansen
  • Betty White
  • Anne Hathaway

The Winner is: Jon Hamm

Okay Now for the Final Awards

Michael Jordan Award for Athlete of the Year

  • Tom Brady: New England Patriots
  • Michael Vick: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Kevin Durant: Team USA
  • Tim Lincecum: 2010 World Series
  • Landon Donnovan: 2010 World Cup

The Winner is: Kevin Durant

Best Screenplay

  • Aaron Sorkin: “The Social Network”
  • Joel and Ethan Cohen: “True Grit”
  • Michael Arndt: “Toy Story 3”
  • Christopher Nolan: “Inception”
  • Stuart Blumberg and Lisa Cholondenko: “The Kids Are Alright”

The Winner is: Aaron Sorkin

Matt Groening Award for Best Animated Series

  • “South Park”
  • “Ugly Americans”
  • “The Simpsons”
  • “Futurama”
  • “Family Guy”

The Winner is: “South Park”

Rookie of the Year

  • Sam Bradford: 2010 St. Louis Rams
  • Jay Pharaoh: “Saturday Night Live”
  • “Boardwalk Empire”: Season 1
  • “The Walking Dead”: Season 1
  • Haille Stanfield: “True Grit”

The Winner is: Jay Pharaoh

The Best Episode of Television All Year

  • “Eastbound and Down”: “Chapter 12”
  • “Boardwalk Empire”: “Return to Normalcy”
  • “Breaking Bad”: “The Fly”
  • “Mad Men”: “The Suitcase”
  • “Modern Family”: “Family Portrait”
  • “Sons of Anarchy”: “NS”
  • “Parks and Recreation”: “Summer Catalog”
  • “Community”: “Mixology Certification”

The Winner is: “Mad Men”

Most Badass Special Effects

  • “Tron Legacy”: Cycle Scene
  • “Inception”: The Hallway Scene
  • “Iron Man 2”: Monaco Scene
  • “Scott Pilgrim V.S. the World”: Guitar Battle
  • “The Social Network”: The Winklevoss Twins
  • The Winner is: “Inception”

Best Movie

  • “Inception”
  • “Black Swan”
  • “The Social Network”
  • “Toy Story 3”
  • “The Fighter”

The Winner is: “Toy Story 3”

Most Promising 2011 Trailer

  • “Pirates 4”
  • “Your Highness”
  • “The Green Hornet”
  • “Thor”
  • “Cowboys and Aliens”

The Winner is: “Cowboys and Aliens”

Humanitarian Award

George Clooney

Pop Culture MVP

James Franco

Thank You for reading I hope I managed to entertain you on some level this year and look forward to doing it again next year. Have a Happy Holiday and a Wonderful New Year.


The Chauncey Awards For Outstanding Achievement In The Field Of Excellence

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