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TimBen Boydston Appointed to City Council

In a completely shocking turn to the already dramatic city council appointment process, the City Council appointed TimBen Boydston to replace Cameron Smyth.The decision came after hours of yet more deadlock on the council, who were unable to reach a decision on one of the top five candidates to be ranked by the community panel. Boydston was ranked 9th.

TimBen Boydston has publicly stated that he will not run for election once his tenure is complete, but instead act as a placeholder.

Political experience is not something he has a lot of on his resume. He currently serves as the head of the Canyon Theater Guild.
The council voted many times last night on many candidates, right down the line.

Bob Kellar and Laurene Weste were staunchly for completing the process, and they voted for the top ranked candidate, Bob Spierer, saying that he was the community’s choice.

Newly sworn Mayor Marsha McLean and Council member Frank Ferry did not agree however, and voted against Spierer and for Laurie Ender.

The trend continued down the list, until the top five were done.

Frank Ferry then brought up a range of alternatives, which seemed to cause more confusion to an already difficult situation. Marsha McLean asked many questions of the other council members in an attempt to have someone develop a solution.

Then, it just so happened that the five candidates ranked 6th through 10th were at the meeting, and they were asked to give an impromptu 5 minute speech.

Paul Strickland, an elected member of the W.S. Hart School board who was ranked 6th was then nominated by Bob Kellar, only to have the same deadlock ensue.

When Frank Ferry nominated Boydston, Bob Kellar surprisingly voted yes, along with Marsha McLean and Frank Ferry to officially secure his appointment.

The audience then erupted in an array of emotions, most of which were total surprise.

It is unclear what ramifications this decision will have on the dynamics of the council; however it did not appear that any decision was going to be made by the end of the meeting. So whether or not this was a good decision or a bad decision, it may be the only decision the council could have agreed upon due to the fact that it will be temporary.

Jon Dell
KHTS AM 1220 News

TimBen Boydston Appointed to City Council

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