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To Build A Nest

Nature in Santa Clarita, it’s not what you look at but what you see.

-Wendy Langhans

This red tailed hawk is carrying grass to help build its nest. – Photo by Lilian Darling Holt.

March Madness!  No, we're not talking about basketball; we're talking about home remodeling!  March is when the Red tailed hawks begin to build and refurbish their nests.


Red tailed hawks often remain partners for years and work together to build their nest.  So rather than build a brand new nest every year, they simply refurbish the old one.


Nests are located up high, often in a fork near the top of a large tree, so that the birds have a good view of their surrounding habitat.  (I've even seen them in a powerline tower.)   The nest is about 28-38 inches in diameter.  It's made of small twigs (1/2 inch diameter) and lined with softer plant material.


If you think building a nest is easy, try this simple exercise.  Take a ribbon and weave it between the fingers of your left hand like you would weave a basket. But don't use your right hand to hold the ribbon – use your mouth.


Not so easy now, is it?


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To Build A Nest

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