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Town Hall Meeting Packs In Concerned Parents

Assemblyman Smyth calls on public to help with new anti- pedophile legislation

ImageWednesday night, Assemblyman Cameron Smyth stood before a packed house in the Santa Clarita City Council chambers and vowed to continue his push for new legislation that would make criminals out of surrogate stalkers. The bill comes after much frustration over confessed pedophile Jack McClellan, who hosted a website ranking the best places to look at pre-pubescent girls.

McClellan outraged residents when he wrote about coming to Santa Clarita and watching our girls. Meanwhile, as the law is written today, Jack McClellan cannot be charged with any crime. This is because only those in care or custody of children can be charged with child endangerment.

Assemblyman Smyth wants to change that, and will be introducing urgent legislation in the coming weeks to make a change to the penal code that will allow for so called “surrogate stalkers” to be charged with child endangerment, because they are aiding other pedophiles.
The need to present urgent legislation in Sacramento is needed because if passed, the bill will become law the second the governor signs it. In normal legislation the bill would take effect in January of the following year, and since it couldn’t even be put out until February of 2008, then the earliest it would be out is January of 2009.

Attorney Anthony Zinnanti, who successfully argued for a temporary statewide restraining order against Jack McClellan less than a week ago, was also on hand to tell the public that he will continue the fight, and push for a full retraining order that is lasting, and legally binding.

ImageMothers Against Sexual Predators made their debut at the town hall meeting as well, to introduce their new California chapter. They now have a website where anyone is free to join, at .

KHTS also ran an article Wednesday after speaking with Detective Winslow of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department regarding registered sexual offenders. You can read that article by clicking here.

Town Hall Meeting Packs In Concerned Parents

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