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Toy Guns Lead To Real World Experience

columbine35The LA County Sheriffs Department working with the LA County Fire Department conducted real life “shooter on campus” scenarios, at a local junior high on Thursday.

The COBRA unit of the Sheriffs Department lead the training at Arroyo Seco Junior High to give deputies an opportunity to act out what would happen if a shooter took over a campus or a office building.

“With all the school shootings this is to give department wide training on how were expected to respond,” said Detective Adam Dorman, who played a shooter in one scenario.

Deputies chased a shooter through classrooms, where kids, volunteers from the Sheriff’s Explorer program, ran from rooms and played the part of wounded or deceased students.

The two teams of deputies were instructed on how to react to a shooter, how to properly clear a room of a threat and move through rooms with multiple doors, hiding spots and exits.

In the final stage of the training the two teams responded to a call of shots fired from LA County Fire, and then had to make their way across the campus while searching for three shooters.

Prior to the training deputies would respond to a call and wait for a special weapons team, or SWAT, to come in,” said Detective Dan Finn, who led the training.  “Due to the time restraints there is no time to wait for a special weapons team so now they are trained to take immediate action.”

The deputies worked with LA County Fire to learn the expectations both sides would have in a real shooter scenario, and to learn how the two can utilize each others equipment.

Similar trainings will be taking place at schools throughout the valley every Thursday through July.columbine29

Deputies place signs in front of the selected school making local residents aware of the training taking place.

To see all the photos from the training click here.

Photos by Jeremiah McDaniel

Toy Guns Lead To Real World Experience

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