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UPDATE: Has The Mountain Lion Attacked Again?

Horse attacked yesterday and now a dog has been found dead


Yesterday, a horse was attacked in Sand Canyon. The horse reportedly sustained claw gashes and possibly injuries caused by bites. Residents fear that the perpetrator was a mountain lion. The severity of the attack, as well as footprints and nearby mountain lion sightings have led to the presumption that such a creature was at fault.  It was the second such attack, and residents are urged to take safety measures to protect their families and animals.


The attack was in the Sand Canyon Oaks area, and it, like most mountain lion attacks, occurred in the twilight hours.


The resident who owns the horses that were attacked, said that a veterinarian inspected the injured horse and believed that some big cat was responsible. The injuries appeared to be too high on the horse for a dog to commit.   


Then, this morning, neighbors reported that a dog was found dead, apparently the victim of an attack. However, they believe that the dog was attacked in the afternoon, as opposed to twilight. 



Many in the Sand Canyon area have animals.


For the most part, mountain lions are known to be active mostly in the dawn and dusk times of the day, so there is not an immediate cause for fear throughout the daytime. 


One way to see if any animals have been in your yard would be to sweep the dirt on your property. Then, the next day, look for animal footprints.  Also, a motion activated light may be useful in detracting large cats from your property.


Leaving garbage out may inadvertently bring mountain lions to your property, because it brings raccoons and coyotes, which mountain lions hunt.   


If you have a wild animal problem, you can call the Department of Fish and Game, who has a dedicated line for this matter at 858-467-4226.


UPDATE: Has The Mountain Lion Attacked Again?

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