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What’s In A Dream? Inception Will Take You On A Wild Ride

Inception3“You’re waiting for a train – a train that will take you far away,” is a quote by Cobb from Inception that sums up the movie without giving too much away.

Inception is Christopher Nolan’s new psychological action thriller that everyone is talking about.

2010, Stephen Vaughan / Warner Bros.

Nolan, who directed Memento and wrote and directed The Dark Knight, isn’t new to making dark psychological films.

Written by Nolan, Inception tells the story of a man who takes on a job with the promise it will take him back home to see his children.

Cobb, played by Leonard DiCaprio, is an international criminal who fled the United States after being suspected of killing his wife.

Reluctantly leaving his children behind, Cobb and his associates take jobs where they perform “extraction,” the ability to enter someone’s mind to steal information from their dreams.

Inception1The movie opens with a rather confusing but compelling scene where Cobb and his team are trying to enter the mind of Saito, a Japanese businessman.

Saito is played by Ken Watanabe of The Last Samurai and Memoirs of a Geisha fame. When Cobb fails to get the information from Saito in the botched operation, Saito offers Cobb an ultimatum.

Saito wants Cobb to perform inception on Robert Fischer Jr., the heir to Saito’s company’s competitor. If Cobb succeeds, Saito Promises a safe return to the United States to see his children.

2010 Melissa Moseley / Warner Bros.

“Inception” is the reverse of extraction: put an idea into someone’s mind instead of taking information out.

While Cobb assembles his team, he battles with the memories of his dead wife Mal, played by Marion Cotillard.

Cotillard gives one of the best performances in the film effectively portraying the memory of Cobb’s mentally disturbed wife within his own mind.

To build the perfect trap for Fischer, Cobb needs an architect to build the dream. Cobb finds Ariadne, played by Ellen Page, a student with an exceptional ability to build mazes.

Inception2Page’s role in the film as the architect is thin and not fully explained. Her role seems as though she was just placed in scenes while the story unfolds around her. Page’s performance was offset by Leonardo DiCaprio’s well executed portrayal of Cobb.

DiCaprio really brought out the angst and torture Cobb goes through during inception while trying to deal with the thoughts of his wife and children.

The visuals and special effects in the film were done very well. With cities folding over themselves and rooms swaying while the dreamers float really draw the viewer into the dream.

2010 Melissa Moseley / Warner Bros.

Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack provides an eerie and tense soundscape that further draws the viewer into the depths of the characters’ dreams.

Inception is unlike any movie you have seen. It’s complex, but the premise will draw you in and hold you until the last scene.

I recommend seeing this movie in theaters and not waiting for DVD/Blu-ray as this movie demands the cinematic experience on the big screen with big sound.

From a great original story to great acting, see Inception and experience what everyone has been talking about.













What’s In A Dream? Inception Will Take You On A Wild Ride

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