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What Makes Us Thankful Every Day

funny_turkey_cartoon_thanksgivingWell, it’s Thanksgiving; the coffee’s on and turkey’s in the oven, Macy’s Parade is on TV and you’re surfing the web.

We here at KHTS are thankful for you, our faithful readers and listeners. And I’m sure we, as you might, will indulge in a “what I am thankful for” round before diving into the groaning repast on the sideboard today.

Most people will say they are thankful for friends, family, employment, home and football – all good things to appreciate. But because those of us in the news business tend to be a little bit twisted, we asked around the station for a short list of up to five ‘inanimate objects’ for which we give thanks.

Boy, were these sincere!

I modeled this story after a posting from former Signal scribe Patti Shea, who now lives on the Other Coast, but stays in touch on Facebook. I warned her I might do this, because she inspired me. Here is her list (she was ambitious and listed 10 items):

1) A beagle’s howl

2) Apple + Z (on PCs Ctrl + Z)

3) Convertible cars

4) Vanity Fair magazine

5) Claritin

6) The invention of the pedicure

7) Peach Snapple

8) iPad

9) Lime flavored chips and my homemade pico de gallo

10) Toothpaste

Some people had single item lists, like our afternoon deejay, Shelly Lee:

I am thankful for the ‘Chillo’ pillow. Menopause isn’t for wimps.

And from Philip Long, who is our web guru and helps out with the news every now and then:

My pick is definitely air conditioning. Every summer here in the SCV, I thank Jesus for the great invention of air conditioning.

City Hall Reporter and Guy In Charge While I’m Gone Chris Glotfelty added his five cents to the mix:

1. Blankets: A standby. There’s nothing I turn to quicker when it gets cold that a nice slab or fleece or brushed cotton. I swear, I would roam our city’s streets draped in one if I could — a veritable Linus of Santa Clarita — if it didn’t look like I had escaped from Ward C of the mental institution on Shutter Island.

2. Ties: In the past two months I have gone to two weddings and a variety of functions that require my looking like an adult. Since graduating college, I’ve spent countless sentences convincing people that I have earned a real degree and indeed am a reporter for a news organization. For all my efforts, nobody seems to believe me, instead thinking I am bracing them with a minutes-long set-up for a savory punch line, though I am not. Turns out, all I needed to do was wear a tie. These useless appendages not only earn the respect of others, but double as a belt.

3. E-mail: I have preserved many relationships and established new ones with this ethereal system. It’s saved me time and avoided meetings with people that probably would not be impressed by my ties. These people are stuffed so far down in my inbox it’s not even funny.

4. Libraries: Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more.

5. My Brother: Contrary to his heartbeat, my brother’s presence has the consummate impact of a wax figure. He may walk the walk and talk the talk like the rest of the human race — but don’t be mistaken, his allegiance lies with the droids. With his flat, tired voice and face seemingly frozen in time, he robotically plods through life with the ferocity of a snail. Still, there’s nobody I’ve spent more time with recently that I appreciate. I’m sure my constant babble is annoying, but I’m never be able to tell with my brother, as that emotion wasn’t programmed into his hard drive.

And from our station manager, Jason Endicott:

1. That there’s only one Twilight movie left (but it’s in two parts! Argh!)
2. Lemon pepper wings from Wing Stop
3. That KHTS started Christmas music on Thanksgiving this year, instead of the previously proposed Arbor Day
4. The Angry Birds game on my phone. I must have slingshot thousands of those birds, no wonder they’re angry
5. That Dancing with the Stars ended last night

Connie Jones, our office manager, recent birthday girl and She Who Walks On Water to us:

1.  Haagen Daz snack-size coffee ice cream bars that are bathed in dark chocolate and sprinkled (lovingly, I’m sure) with almond crunchies.  My favorite late night treat.
2. Emery boards for pesky hangnails
3. Cushy slippers on cold mornings
4. Phones for those much-needed calls from a war zone or for checking in after a long drive on busy freeways (I’ve been reading a John Adams bio – communication through letters took months!)
5. Microwaves to heat up Thanksgiving leftovers (or to time the 12 min 44 sec I set before eating my Haagen Daz – see item 1 – because the ice cream has to be just the right amount of softness to bring out the coffee flavor)

We are truly thankful for Juliana Menchaca, our cub reporter who helps us out every Wednesday. Here’s her thankful list:

1.Cold weather in SCV
2.The snooze button on my alarm clock
5.Elf the movie, the Thanksgiving family tradition

And last but not least, I exercise editor privilege – saving my list for last.

1. My smart phone. Sometimes it’s smarter than me. Make that most times, except for the autospelling part, which drives me crazy. It’s also made my husband less afraid of computers, so that’s a good thing. Baby steps.

2. Starbucks. I know, they burn their beans. I know, they’re expensive. I know, it’s a cult. But hey, it’s my burnt, expensive cult and if they can help me start my morning with a smile, then I’m happy. It’s a constant in a world of ‘what if?’

3. Chocolate. It cools down the fire of hot food, it warms my tummy on a cold night, it’s really good all melted in s’mores and it’s just the perfect food group.

4. Crisp white lined paper and fine point blue ink pens. Fellow writers will understand.

5. Sarcasm. Better applied with a feather than an anvil, in the words of a wise woman, but an essential tool for daily living in my book.

Now you see what inspires us! Here’s wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

What Makes Us Thankful Every Day

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