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Wild Cats To Put On Rare Twilight Show

Non-profit organization offering tours of facility when
creatures are most active. 

ImageOn Saturday, September 20th, at 5:30 p.m., the Exotic Feline Breeding Compound's (EFBC)
Feline Conservation
Center will host the third of its
very popular Twilight Tour fundraisers.


This is a last chance in 2008 for visitors to glimpse rare
wild feline species during their most active period – night. 


Tickets are $15/person, and those who purchase their tickets
in advance will be allowed to enter at 5:00 p.m.
to and avoid the lines.


No one under the age of 18 will be permitted in the


These special night-time events present a unique, up-close
viewing featuring one of the most diverse collections of the rarest wild feline
species.  During the course of the
evening, guests will be allowed to tour sections of the center normally off
limits to the general public. 


Spectators will have a rare chance to see
"Caesar," a very charismatic tiger, as well as EFBC's
collections of small wild feline species, such as the Pallas' Cats, Fishing
Cats and Margays.  To help pique the
interest of feline residents, enrichment items ("toys") will be given
to the center's felines midway through the event. 


If conditions permit, the EFBC
says that their newest baby felines will be on hand for an introduction.  “Rocco,” a South American Jaguar cub was born
at the center in June, and is currently being raised in the nursery.  They say he is healthy and very curious about
the world around him, spending much of the day as most babies do; playing,
eating and sleeping. 


Sharing the nursery is “Thumper” a baby Canadian Lynx.  Although the two are different species,
entirely, for now they find each other to be best pals, and play together


The Twilight Tours, are an important fundraiser for the
Center and can also serve as a valuable learning experience. People are able to
learn about the different wild feline species, the different habitats in which
they live, and EFBC's husbandry and captive
breeding management strategies to save the world's top predator species from


All proceeds raised from the Twilight Tour benefits ongoing
breeding programs and research efforts.  And
for those who find they are unable to attend this Twilight Tour in September –
not to worry; EFBC’s Kids Day is just around
the corner in November.


The EFBC-Feline
Conservation Center
is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and
conservation of the world's most endangered wild feline species.  The center houses one of the largest
collections of exotic cat species from the large and familiar Tigers and
Leopards, to the smaller and lesser known Margays and Fishing Cats. 


Participating in worldwide captive breeding programs, the
center works with other zoos and breeding facilities in an effort to save
endangered wild feline species from extinction.


For more information, directions and ticket purchases,
please call (661) 256-3793, or log on to

Wild Cats To Put On Rare Twilight Show

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