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Wrench Thrown in Council Appointment Plan

The very plan that gave 15 applicants a chance to be a city councilman has now seemed to change mid stream. Originally, the plan called for three public panels to conduct interviews, and then rate their top five candidates. Those top five would then be interviewed by the city council at a special meeting on Wednesday, which went on last night.Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If the council could not reach a decision on the top 5 candidates, then another meeting would be held on Friday to interview the applicants that were ranked 6th through 10th.

Last night, however, the council did not reach an agreement. A 2-2 tie left the council with no recourse. They ended the meeting by postponing a decision until Tuesday.

That left some of the applicants who were not in the top five, wondering why they won’t be getting an interview, as laid out in the original plan.

What was on many occasions described as a great process is now being looked at under a microscope, with every word open to interpretation.

It all comes down to the fact that while a plan was laid out, the city council is not bound to that plan. In fact, they could still call a special election if they wanted. That most likely won’t happen, but the process seems to for now be on its own track.

Councilman Bob Kellar and Mayor Laurene Weste, who were prepared to vote on the issue, made it very clear that the process should have continued the way it was planned.

Councilman Ferry and Mayor Pro Tem Marsha McLean were stuck wanting more information.

Tuesday also just happens to be the day that the council will vote for who amongst them will be the next mayor. That decision will take effect immediately.

Nobody knows what Tuesday will bring, but one thing’s for certain, it will be interesting.

Jon Dell
KHTS AM 1220 News


Wrench Thrown in Council Appointment Plan

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