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Writers Strike Takes Its Toll On Santa Clarita

The writer’s strike has affected approximately ten thousand locals

With the current Writer’s Guild strike on its third week, Santa Clarita entertainment business revenue has significantly slowed down.  And although Hollywood studio executives have proposed a compromise, writers on strike have turned it down.  

This can only mean much more time in negotiations, while many businesses suffer loss.  Daniel Veluzat, Director of Operations for both Melody Ranch and Veluzat Motion Pictures, said that he has definitely felt the impact of the strike.  “While both of our ranches don’t have a union production taking place, future projects have been put on hold.  Business has been very slow, but we find things to keep our staff busy, doing things like building sets.”  

But keeping busy can only last for so long, and Veluzat has high hopes that an agreement will be made soon.  “Even though the writers have turned down the current offer, at least we’re talking.  And right now, that’s the most important thing.”      

The strike has affected not only movie business but restaurant and retailer income as well.  “When movies are filmed out here, the crew and cast buy things from our shops.  They stay in our hotels, eat in our restaurants, and buy set parts at local hardware stores,” says Santa Clarita Economic Development Manager Jason Crawford.  “The longer the strike goes on, the more negative business results will be.”

It seems that everyone agrees that although local business income seems to be slowing, and if the strike goes on for another month, everyone will feel the pain. 

Writers Strike Takes Its Toll On Santa Clarita

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