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X2 Opens With A Blast, Twist And A Bang

Newest coaster at hometown park a real blast to the senses.


With Black Sabbath’s “Crazy Train” and confetti blasting into the morning sky, officials at Six Flags Magic Mountain launched "X2," the newest thrill ride in the parks’ collection on Thursday morning.

Originally opened in 2001as “X,” the new and improved coaster takes guests on ride that swoops, drops, twists and turns while throwing in fog, smoke, fire and music.

Magic Mountain General Manager Tim Burkhardt and Park President Jay Thomas talk about the new X2 coaster


“There are longer coasters, taller coasters and faster coasters, but there ain’t any more intense or insane coasters than this one,” said Curt Schneider, a management consultant from Orange County there with the American Coaster Enthusiasts. He considers himself a novice, having only ridden 100 coasters, compared to others who had logged 500 or more trips.

ACE members travel the world to ride roller coasters, both metal and classic wooden types, critiquing their smoothness, speed and other unique features. The group was pretty excited as they stopped for a quick bite of lunch before getting back on to the ride.

Yes, they’re going down head first…


Along with the coaster club, several dozen members of the Santa Clarita Valley Boys and Girls Club were there with their leader, Jim Ventress.

“It’s SO intense,” Ventress effused as he got off the coaster to talk with reporters. “That first drop, you’re going backwards and suddenly it flips you. We were in the front seat and saw nothing but concrete. Oh my God. You’re looking straight down. I mean straight down.”

Twists and turns and surprises are in store for X2 riders


While this reporter chose to pass on the ride and send a younger, more flexible sports reporter to experience X2, age was not a barrier to fun for some of the coaster club. David Sanders, 62, was all smiles as he walked off the ride.

“That was great! I’m still decompressing, but it’s very cool,” he said. “I loved the face down drops. You get a little of the ground rush, which is always good.”

KHTS’s own Jason Galvin was our designated rider and he had this to say:

“X2 is here, and this time Magic Mountain got it right.  X2 has everything a rollercoaster enthusiast could wish for: A 90 degree drop, barrel rolls, and twisting and turning that may make you feel like you’re in a Kansas tornado.  Even the lift is disorienting, as you move up a hill, facing backwards, while lying on your back.

Magic Mountain added sound to the ride, via some nice on-board speakers.  The sound is an interesting touch, and adds to the experience on the lift, but to be honest once the ride gets going, you don’t really care what the voice is saying. The ride has got a little rougher, mostly due to the new ultra-light cars.  However, the bumps are outdone by the fluidity of the seats movement and the total fear you face while being hurled through open air like clothes in a dryer. 

X2 is a complete package, a ludicrous ride, and to quote the marketing pundits, X2 is a ‘total sensory loss experience.’”

With the addition of X2, the park features 14 thrilling roller coasters and more than 100 rides, games and attractions. X2 opens to the public Saturday. For more information, go to

Survivors of the first rides include Barry McKeever, waving at the camera


X2 Opens With A Blast, Twist And A Bang

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