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YouCut Website A Hit

buckmckeonCongressman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon released the following statement applauding the one-millionth vote cast on the new project YouCut website.

Americans voted in strong support of restraining federal spending by the Majority in Washington, D.C.

YouCut allows Americans to vote every week on wasteful programs to cut from the nation’s budget.  Each week, House Republicans take the winning “cuts” in the form of legislation to the floor for a vote by Congress to turn ideas into action.


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“Program YouCut has been highly successful and highlights that Californians and Americans are frustrated by watching the deficit ballooning to unsustainable levels,” said McKeon.  “I hear regularly from my constituents in the district that they have serious concerns about the out-of-control spending in Washington and often ask what they can do to stop it.

“YouCut provides an avenue to lift up the voice of the American people – those who can’t stomach sitting back while the Majority borrows and spends from the futures of our children and grandchildren.”

“One million people voting on the YouCut website should not be discounted.  People are fundamentally upset and now see a clearer picture of what billion and trillion dollar spending sprees really mean for the country.  It’s telling that Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Majority haven’t even revealed a budget blueprint for the coming year and have stated that they won’t be supplying one, which hasn’t occurred since the Congressional Budget Act passed in 1974.  How can the country operate without budgetary goals, especially at times such as these?  Where is the fiscal restraint?  Just because the Majority won’t put pen to paper and do the math, doesn’t mean the harm isn’t being done.”

Today marked the fifth House vote on a YouCut proposal. The proposal, developed by Rep. Fred Upton, would prohibit new funding for the IRS for the purpose of enforcing the individual health care mandate, saving taxpayers between $5 and $10 billion. The proposal was defeated by a vote of 243 to 181, despite 8 Democrats voting with a unanimous Republican Conference.

YouCut Website A Hit

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