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Saufley Electric


Saufley Electric has over 30 years of experience to bring to homes and businesses that need help. They work in residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Saufley Electric can work with all electrical needs including wired and wireless devices, surveillance cameras, telephone, data networking, satellite and cable TV, fiber optics, and home automation. They are California C-10 Electrical Contractors licensed to install renewable energy products. Saufley Electric brings quality workmanship and dependability to a renewable energy project.

Saufley Electric specializes in residential and commercial repair, maintenance, and remodel. They are expert troubleshooters, will work on panel and service upgrades, can install low-voltage lighting, work with landscape, barn, area, and specialty lighting, structured cabling for telephone, cable and satellite TV, and a data network. They work at installing surveillance systems and photovoltaic systems, which provide solar services.

Saufley Electric is part of the group of contractors certified for the Energy upgrade California. They are working toward making homes that lower energy use and conserve water and natural resources.

A house is a system that often needs to be upgraded so that the insulation, air ducts, windows, furnace and air-conditioning work together to be more efficient. Saufley Electric works in energy upgrades to increase a home’s efficiency, reduce monthly utility bills, have a more comfortable home, improve air quality, conserve energy resources, and put a house on the path to becoming a Green Rated home.

They encourage customers to upgrade soon because of limited time rebates and incentives that could include up to $4,000 of utility incentives, up to $500 tax credits, energy assessment rebates, and 2% project financing available.

Saufley Electric will provide an energy audit so customers can know why utility bills are so high and if solar would be the right option for them. The audit includes an examination of a home’s energy efficiency using infrared cameras and measuring devices to analyze combustion safety, air quality, HVAC performance, insulation quality, duct leakage, base load consumption, and utility data.

Saufley Electric is proud to offer their new infrared thermographic services to locate and detect leaks in water pipes and duct work, and even electrical hot spots. They use the technology to see where the eye cannot see.

Saufley Electric