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What Do Some People Call Painting?

What Do Some People Call Painting?

I want to share with you a review I read of another painter in Santa Clarita, on local yahoo (yahoo local?) This came to my attention because I created a local yahoo listing for Executive Painting and Texture so that people can find me on the internet easier.

The review for this guy said things like
He never finished the job. He left patches on the walls and never painted them

He promised to come back and finish, but he never did. I called him a few times a week, for 4 months and he never answered my calls. When I called his house his wife would tell me that he wasn’t there and then she would “promise” that he would come back to finish the job.

And my favorite pet painting peeve,

There were 2 walls that only had 1 coat of paint this is very noticeable. I don’t know why people think 1 coat of paint is sufficient – it never is, unless you are painting over the same color, and everything is in good condition.

This guy is licensed, just like we are. I’ve seen his truck all over Santa Clarita. I don’t know what he charges, but I suspect less than we do. I always suspect that the guy that low balls the price for painting is going to skip all the important steps that make a professional paint job excellent.

What do people call excellent painting? Executive Painting and Texture!

What Makes a Professional Paint Job Excellent?

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