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Gyms Reopen This Weekend, Dr. Polucki Provides An Alternative

Gyms Reopen - Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Gyms Reopen this weekend. As much as I LOVE exercise and freedom, I won’t be signing up for another extreme weight loss challenge. Instead, I want to share an easier option with you… Yes, like most people, I put on toxic weight during the lock down. But I also have enough experience with toxic weight gain ...

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Inactive Immune Response Study, Why Healthy Bones Save Lives

Dr Polucki - Santa Clarita Chiropractor

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Inactivity reduces immune function according to new French space program study. At first the study looked at the effects of zero gravity and bone loss. Finding that the effects of inactivity and confined isolation of astronauts looks similar to aging here on earth. But the study revealed a lot more and some of it more relevant ...

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Coronavirus Ground Zero Survivors Little And No COVID-19 Symptoms

Polucki - Coronavirus Survivors

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Corona virus ground zero survivors credit Dr. Polucki’s telehealth rehabilitation and targeted nutrition for little and no Covid-19 symptoms. Surrounded by thousands of Covid-19 exposed people, for weeks, on that quarantined cruise ship, Jeri Seratti Goldman and Carl Goldman survived. In fact, Carl only experienced a mild fever, for a day and a lingering cough for ...

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Sleep Strategy Against Coronavirus

Sleep - Coronavirus - Dr. Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Sleep issues continue to rise with the coronavirus crisis. Also, any level of insomnia contributes to decreased immunity, increasing risks for even more mental and physical problems. Especially increasing the risk of injury, due to decreased focus and attention. But with a few simple changes, you could start supercharging your health with better sleep. The Problem ...

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Lasting Migraine Relief In Santa Clarita

Dr. Polucki - Migraine Relief

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Migraine Migraine: sickening torture, that most medications can’t touch. Broken bone pain in your head, for hours, days or more. As long as I could remember I always had migraines, then I found my answer when I was sixteen and in the past thirty five years I only had a few. Headache More than just a ...

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Telehealth From Coronavirus Back To Normal Strategy

Telehealth From Corona Virus Back To Normal Strategy

By Dr. Thomas Polucki On getting back to normal… First of all congratulations you survived coronavirus. Also you made it through the most stressful six weeks of the 21st-century. So now, we all have the navigate the new rules of how things work after the COVID-19 lockdown. Some of us need to reinvent ourselves and start over with limited resources. ...

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Santa Clarita Chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki Telehealth Care COVID 19

Santa Clarita chiropractor Dr. Thomas Polucki telehealth care COVID 19

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Hometown Station posted Dr. Polucki’s Free Healthy Living COVID-19 telehealth plan on our coronavirus experts page throughout this coronavirus epidemic. With live links to CDC updates it went one step further and gave healthy daily recipes, no equipment necessary exercise programs and even stress managing mindfulness workshops. Just another example of Dr. Polucki’s commitment to the ...

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Telemedicine Coronavirus Survivors’ Blood Used For COVID-19 Treatment

Carl Goldman - Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Quarantined for weeks, while more and more people on the ship became infected… Eleven of the passengers on the Diamond Princess died but our Carl Goldman and Jeri Seratti-Goldman survived. Carl Goldman 67 years old, with pre-existing conditions only had a fever for one day and a persistent cough for two weeks. But then he recovered ...

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Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment In Santa Clarita

Dr Polucki - Peripheral neuropathy Relief

Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Santa Clarita New Technologies Used By Cancer Treatment Centers of America Offer Drug Free Lasting Relief From Neuropathic Pain. By Dr. Thomas Polucki Peripheral Neuropathy Treatment in Santa Clarita for pain, numbness, tingling, weakness or twitching of the feet and hands. So, Peripheral means in hands and feet. And Neuropathy means nerve damage. PN has many ...

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Walking In L.A. Gets Better With Dr. Polucki

Walking in LA Gets Better with Dr. Polucki

By Dr. Thomas Polucki Whenever we go to Downtown Los Angeles we find amazing new treasures to see, hear and taste. Recently we feasted at Grand Central Market, took a tour of City Hall, fell in love with Union Station and walked four miles for a bowl of Acai. My chiropractor is in Los Angeles, so when I go, my ...

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