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Prevention And Treatment Of Diabetes & What You Should Know

Tori and Kyle welcome guest Jodi Daylai, registered dietician and diabetes educator from Henry Mayo Hospital in Santa Clarita, to the KHTS Hometown Morning Show. Jodi Daylai talks about Henry Mayo’s involvement in the prevention and treatment of diabetes, especially as diabetes cases are on the imminent rise. Daylai talks about the difference between being diagnosed as pre-diabetic and diabetic. ...

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Straighten Out Your Smile And Lift Your Confidence

Santa Clarita Orthodontist - Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics

Embrace Your Smile Orthodontics is the best orthodontics office in Santa Clarita for your children to straighten out their smile and lift their confidence. Dr. Steven Gilbertson, Dr. Megan Lecornu and Dr. Peter Weber are the head orthodontists at Embrace Your Smile, and they will guarantee that you receive all the care that you need for a perfect smile.

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Injury Relief Without Drugs Or Surgery

What could you get done, if you didn’t have to score painkillers of your mom? Because the HMO that addicted you to them cut you off. Even though you’re still in pain! How would it feel to wake up feeling great, with energy that lasts all day? Thinking clearly with high stress challenges just bouncing off you like you had ...

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Healthy Lifestyle Living In Santa Clarita

Guide To Self-Care now available on Amazon. We all know someone who has lost in the past two years. Some lost life, marriage, friendship, job, home, trust, sanity… Some lost it all. When was the last time you woke up feeling good? And didn’t need any medication to get through the day or night? When was the last time you ...

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