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15 Recruitment Strategies To Find And Hire Top Talent

Finding and hiring top talent should be on the number one priority list for any small to medium business, startup, or even established firm. However, with so many other competitive companies out there trying to snatch up talent first, being among the top recruiters can be a challenge. 

We’ve put together a list of 15 strategies your company can try when trouble-shooting your recruitment strategy. Read through, see what might be a good fit for your company, and start attracting highly skilled employees today. 

1. Network online

If you don’t already, it’s imperative that you get online and start networking using an app like LinkedIn. These days, highly talented people prioritize their online presence, including personal websites and profiles. Entering that ecosystem is critical to getting top talent at your organization. 

2. Host career fairs 

Career fairs are a great way to bring talent to your organization. Why? Because motivated professionals looking to meet colleagues, connect with peers, and even score interviews actually put in the effort to attend an in-person career fair. Think of it as a self-selecting way to find high-achievers. 

3. Recruit at top schools

If you’re looking for younger, earlier-career professionals who are hungry to grow their careers early, universities are the place to start. Students are often happy to meet with top professionals, and you may find your next rock star employee at a top school career fair. 

4. Reach out to colleagues

Your colleagues might also know of awesome professionals who you might want to bring into your company – be sure to pick up the phone and reconnect the next time you’re hiring. 

5. Upgrade your interviews

In order to sort through applicants to find top talent, it’s important to upgrade your interview process. Include detailed resume-based questions, online background check, and interviews with members of diverse teams at your company.  

6. Use interview tests

Looking for something else to add to your interview process? In-interview tests are a great way to test skills and see first hand how talented an applicant happens to be. 

7. Create compelling job postings

When attracting a new batch of possible hires, something you can do to ensure talented people take your job posting seriously is make an in-depth and compelling listing. It should include details about pay and perks, but also what skills and background you expect from an applicant. 

8. Build out compensation packages

No secret here: top talent requires top salaries. If you’re serious about acquiring highly skilled professionals, be sure that your compensation packages fit the bill – and remember, that includes your benefits package as well. 

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9. Rethink your perks

Perks are one of the many things that job-seekers actively search for when on the market. What perks does your organization offer? Frequent time off? Company paid vacations? Pets in the office? If they’re not competitive, you may have trouble attracting the best. 

10. Showcase growth opportunities

Talented employees are passionate about growing their careers while working for your organization. Be sure to clearly define roles, and specify how employees can climb the latter to higher-paying, higher-responsibility positions.

11. Invest in job training

Skilled employees are hungry for opportunities to grow their existing skillset and develop new ones. Funding their job training can be a great way to attract employees who are passionate about developing their skillset and advancing their career. 

12. Consult with your team

In order to find individuals who will perform well on your team, it’s important to talk with your team to find out what skills they think the hiring team should prioritize. After all, your team has the hands-on, on-the-ground knowledge of what a new employee will need to do to succeed. 

13. Consider freelancers

If you don’t have the budget for a full-time hire, don’t worry. These days, freelancing has become a more and more popular, with many highly skilled professionals choosing to work solo rather than as a part of a larger, more restricting company. 

You can benefit from this by hiring skilled freelancers when you need highly-technical work done at a fraction of the cost!

14. Put employees first

Highly skilled employees want to be prioritized by your company. By putting their needs and preferences first, you are sure to keep your skilled workers around for the long haul. 

15. Reward success

Of course, you can always keep top talent around by rewarding success. Promotions, pay raises, new challenges, and new employee perk packages can all be ways to ensure your expert employees stick around through the ups and downs of your business. 

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15 Recruitment Strategies To Find And Hire Top Talent

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