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4 Pet Supplements Your Dog May Need

Having a pet is one of life’s amazing benefits and many of us chose to own a furry friend for a variety of different reasons. They bring such joy into our worlds that we will do anything to take good care of them. It can sometimes mean that our duty of care includes more than just a walk each day and feeding them in the morning and evening. In some cases, your pet might need some extra care which means giving them some forms of supplement to keep their health tip-top. 

Here are 4 pet supplements your dog might need. 

1. Multivitamins 

Dog’s need multivitamins just like humans. Their needs are similar to ours in that respect and we wouldn’t buy just any multivitamin, we would do the research to find out what’s best on the market. So why is it any different for our dogs? 

Dogs need vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, and a few other minerals but will need them in different amounts. The pet experts at Paramount Pet Health explain that adding one of these supplements helps create a healthy balanced diet for your dog that’s easy to maintain. 

They have a variety of uses much like in the human body, so doing some research to help understand why they might need a range of minerals and vitamins will make creating a good diet easier. The supplements will cover a wide range of necessary nutrients and come in easy to administer doses, for example, in the form of a chew. However, it can be difficult to regulate the specific amounts they need and can lead to overdoses if not administered correctly. 

2. Joint Supplements

Glucosamine is found naturally within the cartilage that surrounds joints. When this cartilage wears away both humans and dogs suffer from arthritis. To manage pain, we introduce glucosamine. 

Research has shown that taking regular doses of glucosamine will help relieve the pain caused by arthritic symptoms like inflammation and degrading cartilage in the joints. These supplements are a brilliant addition to your dog’s diet if they are suffering from arthritis or if you’re trying to improve cartilage health. 

If you think that this is a supplement that your dog may need then you can try and find a multivitamin that contains glucosamine or find something more specific. It’s a brilliant addition. 

3. Digestive Supplements 

Something else that is similar between dogs and humans is digestive problems. They can cause diarrhea and vomiting in dogs so finding a way to restore a healthy gut is one of the first ways to stop this from happening. Probiotics are a good place to start as they have been proven to support digestive health and fight off antagonists by restoring good bacteria in the gut. 

More simple ways of dealing with digestion that is easily accessible are natural yogurt, sweet potato, or bananas. Make sure not to give too much as it could become detrimental to their overall health. 

If you notice that your pooch is still struggling with vomiting and diarrhea then it’s best to seek medical advice from a vet. They will be able to point you in the right direction of how to handle your situation.  

4. Bad Smell Supplements 

Dog smiling

Dogs are renowned for having bad breath and it’s always been something that’s tough to deal with. Poor oral hygiene amongst dogs can lead to further problems but will mainly be unpleasant when around them. There are plenty of chew sticks available that will help promote good dental hygiene and help clean the teeth of your dog. You can get these from any supermarket or pet shop. 

Body odor is something else that’s, unfortunately, a problem in dogs. It can be caused by a few different things including food allergies and ear infections. Get your dog checked out by the vet if it’s something that is persistent. 

There are supplements available that will help with both of these problems that contain natural chlorophyll. This supports the dog’s natural defenses and will help them with smelling much better. 

Dogs are man’s best friend. This saying dates back years and we have been looking for ways to improve our dog’s lifestyle ever since we started keeping them. Providing a healthy, balanced diet is the first thing we can do to ensure the health of our four-legged friends. Do some research into the best feed available for them and see if any already contain added minerals and vitamins that your dog might need in addition to their food to stay fit. 

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4 Pet Supplements Your Dog May Need

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