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6 Cool Cardio Exercises To Try In 2020

2020, a year fraught with anxiety and panic, has been one where people have turned inwards and tried to better themselves. With global lockdown restrictions imposed as a consequence of the pandemic spreading through every country in the world, people have had nothing better to do than to exercise – it has also been suggested by government bodies that being fit and regularly exercising is a way to lessen the impact the virus may have on you and reduce its symptoms. Cardio exercise is an exercise that stimulates your cardiovascular system, which is made up of your heart and circulatory system. It is the first thing you should work on when you are trying to lose weight and get fit, and something that, when worked on, can improve your life massively.

Here are six cool cardiovascular exercises for you to try in 2020, whether locked down or out and about!

Smart Bikes

Smart bikes are an innovative, ingenious exercise solution, and one that has picked up a lot of traction in exercise circles and on the internet. Smart bikes, like those developed by the manufacturers of Echelon, offer live workout classes, video streaming capabilities, and a library of music stored on the bike. Exercise bikes are a fantastic way to get into shape and lose weight, then when combined with a wide array of technological features, become a powerful asset in the fight against weight gain and unhealthy living. Exercise bikes offer a lower-body workout and can be highly effective in trying to shed those extra pounds and toning up your lower-body. A smart bike should definitely be something for you to consider when you are attempting to lose weight and is definitely something that has become popular amongst the younger, more hip generation. Try one out, you won’t regret it!

Rowing Machines

Rowing machines have long been the staple of home gyms across the world. Have you ever considered, however, a smart rowing machine? Just like a smart bike, a smart rowing machine offers video streaming features, a library of music, and workout classes! Rowing machines, unlike smart bikes, offer a full-body workout and can help you to tone up all over. Rowing machines are very popular and rightfully so. If you are a fan of rowing machines, it’s time to upgrade and come into 2020 with a bang – a smart rowing machine could completely revamp the way that you exercise.


The old trusty treadmill. Treadmills have long been a chosen gym choice when trying to burn fat, and so it should be. Treadmills are a highly effective, efficient, and awesome way to burn weight. Treadmills can give you a very intense workout, depending on the function you have them set on. If you want to try and lose weight quickly and get a cardiovascular workout, then a treadmill is definitely something you will want to check out. They also work out your lower body, so can contribute to calf muscles and thigh muscles.



Burpees are an exercise performed while freestanding and cannot be performed on a machine. Burpees are a wonderful cardiovascular exercise that can pump your cardiovascular system and give you chest definition. Burpees have long been a favourite of gym-goers all around the world. They say that cardiovascular exercise is only cardiovascular exercise if you can do it for ten minutes consecutively, so you’re going to need to be in good shape to pull off ten minutes of consecutive burpees without break! Try to challenge yourself and see if you can do it yourself. Burpees are a great way to get in shape, and quite fun!

Jumping Rope

Everybody wants to be like Rocky Balboa, right? So pick up a jump rope today! Jump rope is an intense, fat-burning, muscle-building exercise that works your cardiovascular system unlike any other. It is also a lot of fun. When jumping rope, you can get into it and end up creating songs and patterns. Jump rope was once reserved for little girls on the playground, but now, tough guys in the gym – seriously, when do you ever see kids jumping rope anymore? For an awesome cardiovascular exercise, pick up some rope and start skipping.


Shadowboxing is a fantastic way to train yourself to fight and to work your cardiovascular system. Many top athletes shadow box against walls and in doorways to build-up their stamina. You can start shadow boxing without any equipment, and it is a very cool exercise to perform.

Now, with the help of this page, you know six cool cardiovascular exercises for you to perform in 2020. Getting fit should be at the top of everybody’s list. A life that is not lived healthily is one that will end painfully. Get fit, live long, be happy.

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6 Cool Cardio Exercises To Try In 2020

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