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6 Maintenance Tips Every Motorcycle Owner Should Know By Heart

Taking care of your bike’s maintenance will be key to ensuring that you have the best experiences while on the open road. Whether you are riding a classic bike or a newer model, keeping your bike in healthy conditions should be at the top of your priorities. This requires that you have the skills to perform minor to major repairs from time to time. To help you out, below are six maintenance tips every motorcycle owner should know by heart.

1. Drive Chain Adjustments

Most bikes are propelled by a chain. This is the transmission mechanism that helps to keep the bike in motion. Most motorbikes come with specific adjustment instructions, and it’s only safe that you follow them to the letter. In layman’s terms, the chain should be precisely adjusted to avoid it being knocked off. Additionally, a loose or tight chain drive can cause wear and tear. This tune-up guide from the experts at motorcyclelarry.com will explain the specifics required when adjusting the drive chain on your bike. You’ll also want to ensure that the drive chain is well lubricated to boost your bike’s efficiency. Below are the effects of a tight or loose chain:

  • Higher chances of wear and tear
  • Creates jarring noises when riding
  • The chain can get out of the sprocket
  • A loose chain puts you at great risk when riding

2. Checking And Changing Engine Oil

It’s of the utmost importance for smooth engine operations to ensure that the engine oil levels are maintained. Before going out for long rides or frequently using your bike, it’s important to check the oil level. The owner’s manual has these instructions, and it’s only important that you adhere to the guidelines. Your motorbike’s dipstick has a mark that indicates low engine oil levels. When changing the engine oil, be sure to go for quality engine oils.

3. Checking The Tires

The condition of the tires will play a crucial role in the general performance of your bike. The threads will tell you whether the tires need to be changed. Low pressure will create the drag, while higher tire pressure can cause a tire blowout. Also, check for scrapes and cuts. These are inevitable, especially when riding on rough terrains. Follow the manufacturer’s manual whenever inflating the tires. The wheels should also be checked for alignment. If you have the tools and the skills for it, these are maintenance procedures you can easily DIY at your garage.

4. Cleaning And Changing The Air Filter

Dust and debris can clog up the air filter, which is not good for your engine’s health. If you are living in a dusty location, you can blow the air filter or, alternatively, have it changed. The air filter is among the easiest things to change on a motorcycle. This can be done as often, depending on your geographical location.

5. Battery Maintenance

The last thing you’ll want is to have your bike fail you as a result of a poorly maintained battery. Periodic battery maintenance will play an important role in the battery’s longevity. Additionally, it will help in improved performance. Ensure that the battery is topped up using distilled water. You can go a step further and clean the battery terminals.

The battery should always be fully charged. For motorbike owners who rarely use their bikes, starting the engine and leaving it on the idling mode will help in recharging the battery. Replace the battery after 3-4 years or depending on the battery manufacturer’s instructions. There are battery load tests that can be performed to tell whether the battery is retaining its charge or whether it’s receiving enough charge from the bike.

6. Cleaning Your Motorcycle


Cleaning your motorbike is part and parcel of the bike’s maintenance. Unlike a car, you’ll not have to deal with larger surfaces. Nevertheless, cleaning a motorcycle can be tricky because most of the sensitive parts are exposed. Among the parts you’ll need to cover before cleaning your bike include the coil, ignition switch, and silencer. After cleaning, use a dry cloth to wipe the water off. Ensure that your bike is not constantly exposed to the sun, which can dull the bike’s appearance.

The above are motorbike maintenance tips you should know. Regularly performing all the necessary checks will help ensure your bike’s health and boost its performance. It will also feel good riding a well-maintained bike, if for nothing else, then for the peace of mind knowing that everything is in a top state. It will reduce the repair costs as well as increase the bike’s longevity.

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6 Maintenance Tips Every Motorcycle Owner Should Know By Heart

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