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Admitting You Have A Substance Abuse Problem Is The First Step – Now, What Next?

Congratulations! You’ve taken the first few steps towards a sober and genuinely fulfilling life. That’s a major hurdle that not everybody gets past. In fact, according to statistics, the majority of people who should admit to having substance abuse problems, don’t. Don’t worry, that statistic will change for the better. You took that chance. You took the plunge into those deeper waters and got honest with yourself. That’s big. But now that you’ve come clean to yourself, what’s after that? What’s the next thing you have to do? Is that it? Well, not necessarily. If you’re so inclined to move forward with this decision to maintain a clear-headed and unhindered lifestyle, the work is just beginning. Here’s what you can do now that you’re finally taking steps to a life without substance abuse. 

Health And Recovery Clinics

If you’re on the West Coast, it can be hard the first few days or weeks being sober, especially if you’re in Los Angeles. Your best option is to find a spot where you can fully engage and commit to your recovery with all the support and care you could ever need. One such spot is about 45 minutes up the 5 North to Agua Dulce. They’ve got the best men’s rehab facility to help you get back on your feet from whatever it is that’s ailing you. Experts behind vrcaguadulce.com state that you need a full medical staff  as well as the comforts necessary to really recover. They are sort of a different means of therapy that can get you to where you want to be. There’s music therapy, fitness therapy, guided meditation, and more. The choice really comes down to when you’re gonna make the short trek up. 

Mutual Aid Meetings 

After you’ve completed the first few steps in a health facility, you have the choice to start going to mutual aid meetings. In this day and age, it’s so normal to go to meetings that, socially, it’s become more and more what it was always meant to be: a place to help others and/or seek help from other people who are in your situation. All the nuances and the complexities of living a life sober is a shared and respected experience. We all have hiccups and we all have individual needs. But in the program, so does everyone. It’s a community of help, and in Los Angeles, true community is something that’s severely lacking. 

Live Life

The question of “what’s next?” Is always on our minds as we move forward with sobriety. The truth is, you just live your life. You live your life on your terms and not at the beck and call of our addiction. We are free. We are free to be the best we can be. We can be a friend to others, a good parent, a loving person, a caring person—an individual people look up to. Sobriety doesn’t mean anything stops. On the contrary, it’s where it all starts. Finally, we can be the hero of our own superhero movie. 

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Admitting You Have A Substance Abuse Problem Is The First Step – Now, What Next?

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