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How Has Artificial Intelligence Affected The Casino Industry?

When some people think about artificial intelligence, they think about giving robots intelligence, and the possible robot apocalypse they believe will follow when machines become more intelligent than humans. But there is more to artificial intelligence than giving robots intelligence. Sure, AI deals with giving devices and computers some of the cognitive capabilities humans intrinsically possess,  but the applications go far beyond robotics.

Using the casino industry as an example, this article will explain two significant applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

  1. Has AI affected marketing?

AI has had a significant impact on how many industries market themselves. AI is part of the reason many people believe that their machines are spying on them. You know, when you type about something or like it on one website and the next thing you know, you see recommendations on another website for that exact thing? Artificial intelligence has a part to play in that.

Artificial intelligence and personalization of suggestions

When you visit most websites, they often ask you to accept cookies. But what are cookies? Cookies are bits of information about you saved during your browsing experience. Many websites use them to personalize your browsing experience, so the next time you visit, you do not have to input all your information afresh, but sometimes, these websites also sell your data to third-party companies like Ad companies.

This personalization helps make your browsing experience smoother in some cases, but there is much more to learn about why many websites ask you to accept cookies than this.

How does Artificial Intelligence come into play?

The internet has millions of users. Websites and the companies behind them would be hard-pressed to go through each individual’s browsing data to provide them with personalized experiences like personalized ads. These companies employ AI-powered systems to do this grunt work and deliver these customized experiences to users. In the case of delivering ads to potential customers, companies do something called user-targeted marketing.

You may now understand why you liked your friend’s post when they won a jackpot on the Intertops Red Casino, and the next time you were browsing, you were met with Intertops Red Casino bonus codes. This is how companies ensure that their ads are put in front of people who have a high chance of being interested in their ads. This helps increase their conversion rates.

  1. AI and customer service

The internet has grown over the years, not just in terms of how much information there is but also in usage. There are many more people using the internet today than there were 15 years ago. Additionally, many businesses have also shifted and expanded their service delivery modes to serve customers both online and offline. As a direct result, some companies have grown exponentially and now have a broader customer base.

This growth in eCommerce is definitely a good thing for the businesses themselves. Still, there are some downsides, and one of the biggest ones is how much more is expected of the business in terms of customer support. Think about, for example, a casino that used to serve clients in its brick-and-mortar institution but that now has an online platform and now has to serve 500,000 more people. Coupled with the challenge of adjusting to the online platform, much more will be expected of the casino’s customer service personnel if the casino’s customers are to be helped adequately.

How has AI affected customer service?

One of the most significant ways AI has affected customer service is through automated customer support. Rather than have to employ many more customer support agents to help customers, casinos are now taking advantage of AI-powered customer support systems to offload some of the tasks that customer agents do.

What are some ways AI-powered customer support systems help?

  1. These systems are programmed to attend to customers in real-time whether there are available customer service agents or not. Humans, unlike machines, can only work for limited amounts of time before needing rest. AI systems can attend to customers any time, whether the agents are on break or are serving other customers.
  2. These systems can help clients with rudimentary problems, so customer support agents have more time to attend to the more complex issues. In this case, the casino will evaluate some of the problems commonly faced by customers and that customers may themselves solve. They then program these responses to the AI systems to guide customers with similar problems in the future.
  3. They can help redirect customers to valuable resources. Sometimes, the casino has a knowledge base where they have written guides that are supposed to be helpful to customers. If a solution is relatively long and cannot be given by the systems, it can be programmed to redirect the client to the necessary resource to get help.

If you are an avid internet user, you have no doubt had an encounter with an AI-powered automated customer service system. One typical example is a chatbot on a website. In this way, casinos can serve more customers without spending too much money on too many customer service employees.


As you can see, there is much more to AI than robotics. Hopefully, this article has enlightened you on two major applications of AI to help businesses like casinos work better.

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How Has Artificial Intelligence Affected The Casino Industry?

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