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How Tech Innovation Helps Fight The Coronavirus

This isn’t the first time the human population is dealing with a dangerous virus. We’ve been there before when Ebola, SARS, H1N1, and many other viruses appeared. Each time that happened scientists have tried to find different ways to fight against it.

Various solutions have been invented to manage these diseases. That’s why all of us are thankful for technology. It may not always predict things, but it is surely useful when something as dangerous as this occurs.

Numerous tech innovations are currently of great help when it comes to this situation and today we are going to discuss them. Let’s see what tech solutions have helped us (and still do) combat this pandemic.

Listing Some Of The Best Innovations

HERE Technologies

One of the most important things during a pandemic, besides staying safe is to stay informed as well. Thanks to HERE that has launched an interactive tracking and mapping tool, people are now able to get more information about the spread of coronavirus.

This map showcases an overview of the situation, providing you with the info concerning the total number of confirmed cases, along with recoveries and deaths. Besides this, it has also created HERE WeGo Deliver, which is a delivery service that enables companies to plan delivery routes without any costs until the end of this year.


One of the biggest problems during this pandemic was hot to ensure protective and high-quality equipment gets to the front line. That’s why an e-commerce corporation called Mirakl joined forces with the French government and developed a one-stop platform where various subcontractors, distributors, and manufacturers can communicate over orders of hand sanitizers created for medical purposes.

HandGiene For HAI Prevention

This is short for healthcare-acquired infections. In the last couple of months, many people were trying to find ways to fight against HAI transmission and so far many of these innovations were quite helpful. One of them is HandGiene.

Namely, this system utilizes RFID, Zigbee technology, wireless along with reporting software and Web-based data to monitor and provide information concerning all hand washing activities of healthcare workers.

Healthcare employees do not have to do anything in particular. The only thing they are obliged to do is to regularly wash their hands and the system will record and report if they did it. This is a must!

Woman getting temperature taken

Any Other Helpful Solutions?

Finding Cure

One of the first questions people asked when this virus appeared was – Where is the cure? It seems like everyone has become hopeless in terms of finding the vaccine and are doing anything they can to find it.

Luckily, technology, as a perfect sidekick is here to speed up the process. Teams at the Allen Institute for Al, Google DeepMind have developed AL tools, research results as well as shared data.

Furthermore, in January this year, Google DeepMind presented AlphaFold, an outstanding system that predicts the 3D structure of a protein-based on the genetic sequence.

Cargo X

Unfortunately, during this pandemic, many people have difficulties getting enough food or any other supplies. That’s precisely why the Brazilian logistics technology company has set up a fund with more than five million US dollars to give their support to the transport of some of the most important things like medications, foods, water, hygiene products in this country.

This strategy works by paying the salaries of drivers and carriers and at the same time keeping the market going at a time now when this country is being struck with the COVID-19. In most cases, the system pays in advance: 70 percent of the money when these things are loaded and the rest on delivery. All in all, this software helps spread the cost in a way that supports these employees when the cash flow isn’t too good.

Can We Be Buoyant And Optimistic?

For the time being, it’s difficult to predict anything, however, as you can see numerous scientists and engineers are working on different tech solutions that will help us fight and eventually beat this virus. The truth is that this is one of the biggest global issues experienced in the last couple of decades. Unfortunately, many people have lost their lives, as well as their jobs and this entire situation has become our “new normal”. Still, it shouldn’t stop us from believing that this horror will end soon.

So, if you ask us, you can definitely be hopeful. It is easy to be scared and discouraged when you are continuously surrounded by negative news, but you are not alone, and let’s all believe that soon this will all be over!

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How Tech Innovation Helps Fight The Coronavirus

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