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How The Design Of An Online Casino Affects Its Profit

There are some online casinos that rake in hundreds of millions of dollars every year. How do they get such incredible amounts of profit? There are a few key factors, as anyone will tell you, such as games, bonuses, or marketing.

However, the most important factor of them all is design. That’s what a player will encounter first. Not the bonuses orthe profits they can make. Not the games, regardless of their quality. The first thing a player will evaluate about a casino is its design, as soon as the webpage loads.

If the design is found lacking, then expect the player to start with a negative opinion from the get-go. This means that everything else has to be even better in order to change their opinion. On the other hand, a great design that a customer is comfortable with will immediately improve their outlook, encouraging them to pay and play more.

Less is More

One key tenet of modern website design is ‘Less is More’. In modern web design, minimalistic themes are in vogue. Most well-designed online casinos tend to use a sleek, minimal design that draws attention to what is really important.

That means instead of getting distracted by fancy designs and flourishes at the side, potential customers are immediately drawn towards the promotional banners promising big rewards. Or towards the list of brand new and exciting games displayed on the title page.

A simpler design also means that it is easy to navigate around the website. A well-designed casino includes most of the following in their navigation bar:

  • Games
  • Promotions
  • Banking
  • VIP
  • Customer Support

Casino Screenshot

These are the five main factors a prospective player is most likely to look for. The above is an example of a useful Nav Bar.

Players want to get to their favorite bonuses and pokies games as quickly and easily as possible. Hence, if you look at the website of any casino with the 10 deposit casino has, you’ll find they all tend to follow this design trend. Because it’s easy to navigate and looks stylish at the same time.

Remember Accessibility

There will always be the occasional visitor to the site with some kind of disability. For instance, take an individual who doesn’t see very well. They will be annoyed if the text on the website is too small.

Accessibility may not be a huge concern, but it is a small touch that could open up the casino to a whole new audience. It is always a good idea to support all potential paying customers!

Optimize for Fast Loading

Loading speed is a very recent concern. With the speed of the modern internet, it’s inconceivable for any page to take more than a second to load.

The design and the loading speed are related in this way: the fancier the design, with more images, graphics, videos, etc., the longer it takes to load the page. If a page has been stuck on loading for more than a few seconds, some people will simply press the back button and choose another online casino.

That means a loss of profit. Hence, every online casino’s design needs to take loading time into account. Using ultra-high-res images may look good, but they also take forever to load.

Consider the Mobile Experience

In Australia, nearly 19 million people mainly browse the internet through their mobile phones. For reference, the total population of the country is only 26 million.


Offering a great mobile version of the online casino is the #1 way to make a huge profit. People enjoy playing games in their downtime. But often, they don’t have a whole PC or Laptop with them at this time.

Imagine lounging around the break room, having a cup of coffee at a café, or riding the bus on the way home. In all these cases, a mobile phone is your best bet for staying entertained. With a mobile casino, one could play and wager on their favorite games no matter where they are.


First impressions are very important. You would not run a brick-and-mortar casino out of a run-down basement. In the same vein, you would not run an online casino from a badly designed and ugly website.

We’ve highlighted four important design factors that could affect an online casino’s profitability. A straightforward, accessible design that is also compatible with mobile and tablets will ensure that the casino gets as many visitors as possible. Optimizing the loading speed is just the cherry on top of that!

Get all these right, and the casino will be headed towards a big profit in no time.

How The Design Of An Online Casino Affects Its Profit

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