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How To Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden At Home And Succeed!

Tired of going to the grocery store and spending your hard-earned money on produce that is almost to its expiration date? Over having to wonder what you are washing off your vegetables before you can eat them? How about all of those news stories that claim this type of produce is recalled for a bacterial strain or that type of produce is recalled because it caused numerous illnesses across the nation, but the type of bacteria isn’t identified?

Then you are ready to start growing your own vegetable garden right at home in your backyard and succeeding with loading your table down with fresh produce that is heartily, crisp and chock full of good nutrients.

A Closer Look

Starting a vegetable garden may be the easy part but the harder part is actually getting your garden to grow and produce vegetables that are decent in size and large in taste. It requires commitment, time, effort and some sweat but no tears. The physicality of having a vegetable garden is another big benefit as you are able to get moving, soak up some sunshine and stretch those limbs out to release the daily tension that accumulates there.

Ready to learn more? Then keep scrolling through this post and find out how to grow your own vegetable garden at home and succeed with it!

Find the Right Spot

The very first thing you need to do in order to grow your own successful vegetable garden at home is to pick out the right spot! You can’t just stick your garden beds in the middle of your lawn but instead, you should make sure your garden bed locations meet the following factors:

  • A regular and frequent amount of sunlight to allow the plants to regulate their internal temperature and draw energy.
  • Enough shade to prevent the delicate leaves of freshly sprouted plants from burning in the force of the sun.
  • Protection from the wind and weather conditions that could cause damage to the plants before they get a chance to mature.
  • Close enough to a water supply to ensure that daily watering will occur.

Get Thirsty

Plants get thirsty just like we do! Watering your vegetables gardens on time and with regality is a big part in ensuring your gardens will succeed. You want to have a watering system setup before planting your vegetable gardens, whether it is in the form of a watering can and using filtered rainfall, using a watering hose to soak the plants or using an irrigation system.

Another option is to set up a lawn sprinkler that will intermittently soak your vegetables with water before moving over parts of the lawn. This will allow the water to saturate the soil before being doused again; so the water actually gets a chance to soak into the plants and stems. Watering your lawn also has the benefit of making your sods or grass green and lush, spreading the nutrients from one end of your backyard to the other.

Nutrients, Nutrients and Nutrients

You definitely want to ensure that your vegetable garden is receiving the right amount of nutrients each day as it is the same for plants as it is for humans – the right nutrients helps the body grow big and strong.

Nutrients for your vegetable garden can come from two different sources; a fertilizer infused into the soil or a layer of compost spread over the top of the garden beds to soak into the dirt below. Fertilizer can be bought already mixed into potting soil for your garden or you can infuse it yourself by applying the recommended amount to your garden beds and tilling the earth. Fertilizer is also available in the form of sprays for easy and convenient spreading or in the form of sticks that is pushed into the soil to dissolve; saturating the earth with goodness.

Compost can be purchased from a nursery or garden center and also made right at home. Homemade compost is made up of newsprint, eggshells, coffee grounds, certain food scraps and even lawn clippings that is turned frequently as it, “bakes” in the sun. This mixture will then ferment into a crumbly, brown texture and can be spread over the tops of the garden beds to allow the goodness to soak down through the soil. It also has the added benefit of protecting the plants from harsh wind speeds and sudden temperature changes.


If you start your own vegetable garden at home, then you are one step closer to saying goodbye to old produce that has been grown with the use of pesticides and steroids. You are one step closer to fresh, crisp veggies for your dinner table and you are one step closer to saving some extra money each week.

Have an overabundance of vegetables once your garden starts producing? Then you want to ensure that you have a cold cellar storage area for them, such as a basement room that receives no sunlight and is surrounded by at least a half wall of concrete. No such room? Then create your own with a wooden crate covered internally with Styrofoam and lined with newspapers to trap moisture. You can also look into converting your fresh vegetables into dried versions or even jellies and spreads. Talk to your local farmers to find out how they maintain their vegetable stocks and let yourself grow as well with your newfound knowledge!

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How To Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden At Home And Succeed!

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